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The Magic of Gift Cards

the gift that keeps giving

Gift cards take the guesswork out of every holiday that traditionally requires a gift. Birthdays, graduations and of course, Christmas. In the past, handing someone an envelope with cash inside was considered extremely rude and unthoughtful. Today, it's become super popular to hand people cash in the form of a plastic card.

Now, gifters don't have to set their brains on fire finding a specific item for someone and giftees don't have to worry about being seen at the customer service desk returning a gift they weren't happy with.

Easily Available

I have yet to go into a store that doesn't have some kind of section specifically for cards. If they're not at the front of the store near the cash register, then they'll be at the end of one of the front aisles near the front of the store.

Even if there isn't a large selection available, chances are the store has their own card. If you're purchasing it for someone local, then there's a huge chance that person is shops at that store on a regular basis.

Space Savers

YAY! Your trunk doesn't need to be dragging the ground to share the joys of giving! These cards fit nicely into your purse or your back pocket. No more hiding things in the attic or installing a new alarm system on the garage just to keep others from seeing the giant presents.

That's gotta take the stress out of providing a surprise for those you love! I remember my parents used to hide everything in the attic when I was too young to reach the string to let myself in. They resorted to hiding bundles in the trunk of the family car and when I started asking what was wrong with the car with the larger trunk, they would get this strange look on their face before telling me it needed repairs.

How long could they have possibly kept that going on without me becoming suspicious enough to grab the keys and take a look in the trunk?

Lets just say my parents learned their lesson and once gift cards became more  widely available, that's what I always received. $50 Gift Card (0109)
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Always A Surprise

Obviously since these gifts are easy to hide, they make it easy for you to surprise the receiver and getting a nice surprised squeak from them (or a loud "whoop" if you're gifting a guy). Receiving a gift card is also great because depending on the amount loaded onto the card, the person who gets to spend it can get whatever THEY want. 

No more rumors about how you're a terrible gifter, or how you didn't listen when they were telling you what they wanted for their 16th birthday or how you forgot to get the accessory for their gaming console. 

You can be having coffee with your friend and have his or her gift right in your pocket and they'll never know. When you hand it to them, they'll love you for it instead of forcing a friendly smile and saying "ohhhh, how thoughtful of you". What a relief!

Huge Selection

Hundreds of thousands of different stores offer gift cards. While some are not reloadable, others are and they never expire! Perfect for someone who isn't sure what they want or wants to save up and use the funds from their card to use toward their ultimate gift.

Different amounts are available. From $5 with some stores all the way up to $1,000 with some companies. 

A lot of people enjoy shopping online. Since most stores have websites, this also makes purchasing things that aren't in stock locally easy to get because the gift cards can be redeemed online as well.

Music, clothes, kitchen appliances and a whole list of products can be purchased with this repetitive gift that never gets old: a gift card. $25 Gift Cards - 3-pack (Holiday Globe)
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