Is there anyone that doesn't want our economy to get turned around so the troubled families across the country can return to normal? You remember, those times when mortgages and rent didn't seem like a weight that prevented us from spending a little for the extras. Vacations, home remodeling projects, not quite needed extra vehicles and other non-essentials were nearly a taken for granted luxury most of us enjoyed.
Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh stated that he wanted President Obama's policies to fail to turn the economy around if it meant succumbing to the expansion of government that this administration envisions. That short summary characterizes what plenty of other Republicans feel, even if they won't admit it. How can conservatives not desire this to some extent? If the nation suddenly bolted into prosperity, the Democrats would be thumping their chests and immediately have the public support to start the government growing process that the right fears so much. To again attempt a summarization; as long as things are bad, government expansion is tough because the new policies can't be pointed to as our economic redemption, so the current admin can't garner the steam it needs to grow.
At the same time those on the left claim the only thing standing between us and prosperity are the Republicans who don't want to get anything done. They don't want anything other than to be at war with terrorists in the Middle East. Right? They want schooling to taught as it used to be with the United States being the goog guys. They want families to be be as they were before. Dad, mom and children living together in a home, and probably setting aside time to go to Church on Sunday. They want everyone that's able to work to do so, and if you work harder, you should have more to show for your ambitiousness. These notions are so old fashioned there's no room for them anymore. We're high tech now and aspire to greater things. All that talk about integrity and all has no place in society these days. And there are those who don't want to work. Face it! Why should we turn our back on them? They deserve a suitable lifestyle just like the rest if us. Many Republicans think we should all pitch in and if you won't you won't have much. How insensitive of them!