The Rhinoceros Party


There is many political parties in North America, for example, the Democrats and Republicans in U.S and the Liberals and Conservatives in Canada. However in Canada, one of the most unusual caucuses is The Rhinoceros Party. What makes the party bizarre is not the name but rather its "pledge" The party is a satirical party; a political gathering made for amusement purposes or political parody, making their essential pledge: "to keep no promises.". 



The Rhinoceros Party or Parti Rhinocéros (in French) began from Quebec, Canada in 1963. It was begun by a man named Jacques Ferron a Canadian writer. He depicted the gathering as a "guerrilla party." The gathering claimed to be relatives of a rhinoceros from Brazil named Cacareco who was chosen to city chamber. Their political pioneer was Cornelius, who was not a man but rather was a rhinoceros from a zoo in Montreal. 


Here is a list of some promises made by the Rhinoceros party:

  • Disavowing the law of gravity.
  • Arrangement to the senate in the event that you win the lottery
  • The ruler would remain in Buckingham, Quebec
  • Expelling the earth since it consumes an excessive amount of room and takes too long to clean
  • Offering the Canadian Senate at a sale
  • Building a powerplant for every house
  • Beginning a war with Belgium on the grounds that Tintin slaughtered a rhino
  • A prohibition on firearms and margarine since they both murder
  • Prohibition on awful winters
  • Building a scaffold from the west shoreline of Canada toward the East
  • Free rhinos for trying specialists

They picked a rhino as their image since they believe that government officials by nature were "tough, moderate moving, stupid, can move quickly when in risk, and have huge, bushy horns growing out of the center of their appearances". A few individuals from the gathering call themselves Marxist-Lennonist, a satire of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Canada alluding to Groucho Marx and John Lennon.


Government Elections

The Rhinoceros Party kept running in the 1965 and 1968 government race with just a single nominee and got 321 votes (1965) and 354 votes (1968). In the 1972 government race, 12 nominees kept running in the gathering; but since it was not perceived as a political gathering, every applicant was recorded as an autonomous getting 1,565 votes. At that point in the 1979 government race, 63 competitors ran and got 62,601 votes. In 1980, 129 hopefuls ran and got 110,286 votes. However in the 1984 and 1988 government race, the quantity of competitors running shrank. In the 1984 race, 88 hopefuls ran and got 98,171 votes. At that point in the 1988 decision, 66 people ran and got 52,173 votes. 



In the 1993 race, a regulation was created which highlighted that each registered party needed to have applicants running in no less than 50 ridings (discretionary areas) and a cost of $1000 per competitor. The gathering avoided the costs, bringing on Canada's Chief Electoral Officer to abolish the gathering from the political framework. Later, applicant individuals attempted to restore the gathering however fizzled. One applicant of the Party, Brian Salmi, nicknamed Godzilla (because he campaigned in a Godzilla outfit), changed his name to Sa Tan. He then sued the Government of Canada making the name of the lawsuit "Sa Tan vs Her Majesty"


On May 21st,2006 the "Second Rhinoceros Party" was made. It was established by François "Yo" Gourd. François was initially associated with the first Rhinoceros party. The gathering was otherwise called neorhino, named after the Matrix Character Neo and the first party. The gathering is still a dynamic government party, and the leader is right now: Sébastien Corriveau.