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Philanthropy is often a topic overlooked when we discuss the richest musicians in the world. So many of us focus on how much money these musicians and celebrities make, and often find ourselves also examining all of the material goods (such as their large mansions); often drooling over these things in the process. It is great to see big name musicians who are giving to charity, because with all of that money I would hope that someone is doing something good to help the world out. While not everyone would agree that every artist on this list is great, I do hope you find their charitable givings to be over the top (much like their earnings) and worth praising. For the richest musicians in the world, these guys and girls give money to charity like no tomorrow.

They make 108 million/year

U2 contains some of the world richest musicians, not to mention two specific names that have come to be well known and respected in households worldwide: Bono and The Edge. The band is notorious for their charitable giving, not to mention their political activism in so many different political areas. U2 support a variety of charities including (RED), Amnesty Internation, Live 8, Make Poverty History, and others.

Sean "Diddy" Combs
He makes $12 million/year

Diddy is a very well known rapper and businessman. Despite his bad-boy persona, he gives a lot of his money to charity. During 2003, he raised more then $2 million dollars for New York schools and children suffering from AIDs and HIV. He supports a variety of charities, including the Tony Hawk Foundation, Hip-Hop Action Summit, Children's Hope Foundation, and many others. You can read more about P-Diddy in another article titled The Top 7 Richest Rappers Who Give Their Money to Charity.

Bon Jovi
They make $125 million/year

Bon Jovi is a well known rock band that seriously rock the charitable giving world. As a collective band, they have given money and time to Habitat for Humanity, Live Earth, and Musicians on Call, among other charities. Jon Bon Jovi (the bands frontman and namesake) is also notorious for giving much money and time away. He is the founder of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, which seeks to help families who are in "economic despair." Unlike many celebrities, he has dedicated a lot of his own personal time to helping charities, most notably with assisting Habitat for Humanity with building over 20 houses! As one of the richest musicians in the world, he is also one of the most generous and gives so much of his time!

Lady Gaga
She makes $90 million dollars/year

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Behind all of the makeup and the strange stage antics, Lady Gaga has a list of charities that she supports through financial donations and otherwise that is almost off the charts. She donated $500,000 dollars towards relief for Haiti after the famous earthquake a few years back. Like many musicians, she dedicates much time, money, and support towards charities focusing on treating AIDs and HIV. She also actively advocates that people, especially teenagers, go out and donate their own time. She is certainly leading the charge towards a better tomorrow, where teens get more involved in their society and actually help out through charitable work!

She makes $58 million dollars/year

Say whatever you want about Madonna (the starlet after whom Lady Gaga is heavily inspired), but she is not just the "material queen," but she gives a lot of her money to charities! In most areas of the internet and the media, you just will not see much of a focus on her giving; which is very great! As one of the richest musicians in the world, she has donated time and money to over 21 charitable organizations including Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Afganistan Relief Organization, Children in Need, and Make-A-Wish Foundation. She co-founded the organization Raising Malawi which is focused on providing good nutritious food, proper clothing, shelter, formal education, medical care, and psychosocial support to vulnerable children and caregivers. Her list of giving is literally endless!

Elton John
He makes $100 million/year

The British pop/rocker should be well known by now, and there is no doubt that behind his flamboyant facade he is a giver at heart. His primary focus is on combatting AIDs and helping those plagued with the disease. He set up the Elton John AIDS Foundation specifically to help counteract this disease. Throughout the years, EJAF has raised more then $125 million dollars to help people with aids all around the world (in 55 countries). In 2004 alone, he gave away more then $42 million dollars to a variety of charities around the world. That is close to half of his yearly salary!