Tours in New York City

What in the world is "THE RIDE?" Bus Tour New York City

THE RIDE is just that, a "ride" through New York City on a bus. Call it a  super-sized, $1.3 million dollar tour bus on steroids, complete with 3,000 LED lights, and a surround sound system. This uncommon,  narrated tour bus, has stadium seating so that all riders have an excellent view. The common,  popular city tour bus offers commentary and a bit of history. THE RIDE offers an experience that turns New York City streets into a stage. As the traveler sees the backdrop of  New York landmarks, a bit of fun drama unfolds. The bus passes varying sites, and  actors carry out some amusing shenanigans on the sidewalks in full view of tour participants. Break-dancers, ballerinas, and street performers all take part. Some say that New York has not been visited at all if THE RIDE has not been part of the experience.  A New York City attraction it certainly is.

The bus passes which New York City landmarks? The 4.2 mile route takes in views of Carnegie Hall, Central Park, Columbus Circle, Broadway Theaters, 42nd Street, Times Square, Empire State Building, the NYC Main Branch of the Public Library, and Grand Central Station.

Who are the performers? A question was once asked about consequences of the bus getting stuck in the often snarled New York City traffic. The response from the folks at THE RIDE was to sit tight and consider it free entertainment! Stand-up and improv-comedy actors show up on sidewalks here and there along the tour route. They make every event viewed by the participants into one of zany and hilarious proportions.

Is this a hop-on and hop-off tour? No, participants will not want to miss one minute. This is entertainment, not just another boring tour. Stay on.

How does one take this fabulous bus tour in  New York City? Multiple tours depart daily from the Marriott Marquis Hotel on Broadway in Times Square.  At the time of this writing, adult tickets are a little over sixty dollars. Children's tickets, for children ages ten through twelve, cost about five dollars less than the adult tickets,  The minimum age requirement for children is ten years. The company offers a discount for online ordering of tickets, but keep in mind that ticket sales are final, and there are no cancellations or exchanges.