Looking for the best? I do hope so. As you go along reading this,one will come to understand the basics of what I will be discussing to you, the readers. I believe that somehow this may be of help to those who seek such information, one way or the other, in choosing what’s right and what’s best.

Many are surely at a loss in what I am talking about. Well, I am talking about how one can consider choosing a good and competent beauty school. First, it should be of top caliber, of course, offering the best programs or courses that are up-to- date with the techniques and applications in the beauty industry. Second, the school should also have a modern facility with spacious areas and state-of-the-art equipment.

This is a contributing factor to entice soon to be students since they are surrounded in an environment wherein they feel stimulated to learn more.  Third, one must not forget the reputation and the tenured longevity of the school. And last, the percentage of the graduates that land good and decent jobs thereafter.

Beauty schools offer at least four major programs or courses namely, cosmetology, esthiology, massage therapy training and nail technology. All these are parts of wellness and beauty. Now, what one needs to know is what all these programs are about. Eventually, by having an inkling one can decide what to take.


This is the application of beauty treatment. It specializes in hair and skin care, make-up, manicure and pedicure. Practically, it is an all-around course so once you take this it would be like taking all the other courses as well.

The course offers approximately,duration of six months to a year. It also teaches the student in ways of how to beautify their clients by making by equipping them with the knowledge and know-how in practicing the application of the course. As a cosmetologist, one should make their client feel really good about themselves by having precise understanding in beauty and wellness as so as to suggest and recommend the appropriate treatment or application needed. By doing this, one earns the trust of the client and that would establish a connection one that would keep your customer coming back again and again.

Career Opportunities:

• Hair Stylist
• Hair Colourist
• Manicurist / Pedicurist
• Salon or Spa Supervisor/Manager
• Salon or Spa Owner
• Nail Technician
• Make-up Artist
• Beauty Product Representative
• Beauty Consultant
• And many more


This is the study of skin care and hair removal aesthetics including but not limited to hydrotherapy, spa services and treatment and massage therapy. The course generally combines information and theory to further the knowledge of an upcoming “aesthetician” in preventive maintenance for skin and body treatments and professional make-up.Demands for highly trained skin care specialists are rampant in the market today.

Career Opportunities:

a.  Make-up Artist
b.  Beauty Product Specialist
c.  Waxing Specialist
d.  Skin care Specialist
e.  Make-up Consultant
f.  Cosmetician
g.  Micro-pigmentation Specialist
h.  Beauty Therapist
i.  Cosmetics Buyer
j.  Beauty Salesperson
k.  And many more

Massage Therapy Training

Indeed, the epitome of wellness and relaxation. This is the course where one can be absolutely stress-free. Joking aside, but when one mentions or hear the word “SPA” what comes to mind? Right, a good well deserve massage to release you from the stress and other cares of the world. Massage is an n ancient healing art which combined with the discoveries of modern science is vital for the development of over-all body wellness.

Seriously, to earn a diploma course, one has to complete six to eight months training. The duration all depends on the school and state one belongs to. An objective theory and technical massage therapy as comprehensive hands-on training for the course is given.

a. Reflexologist
b. Masseuse
c. Massage Therapist
d. And many more

Nail Technology

It is the study of nails and its techniques and application. It has duration of five to six months. The course covers lectures on theory, and practical training in the study of nail technology.

Career Opportunities:

a.  Manicurist
b.  Pedicurist
c.  Nail Art Technician
d. Nail Technician
e. Paraffin Treatment
f. Nail Salon Consultant
g. Nails Salon Manager/Owner

It is true that one is only limited by one’s imagination. But once an individual learns defy this and act on it surely any dream or goal could be mustered. So, what are you waiting for? Decide and conquer yourself.  Do what you think is what’s best for you. Furthermore, never seize to surprise yourself. Trust me. You can do wonders.