The funny thing about furniture is that if it's chosen well almost no one will comment. When it comes to furniture, silence can be a good thing. It means people are using it for what it was intended - to enhance socializing, relaxing and living. But if there's not enough space to sit, or it's uncomfortable or the wrong height or a color that insults the senses, suddenly it's all that anyone can think about. That's especially true when it comes to a bar stool chosen for a table, bar counter or kitchen counter or island. It has to be the right style, the right height and the right color or it will just get in the way or stick out.

Complimenting Other Furniture

Counter height bar stools selection is made more complicated than other furniture choices because they are unique pieces that usually don't come as matching sets with dinettes or kitchen counters or other furniture, so it is up to the individual to choose a theme that works with what is already in a home. A barstool may add space and seating but you must choose wisely. If you're not a decorator or don't have a flare for design and you need to buy some cheap bar stools or kitchen stool sets to use at a counter or kitchen island or to add to a basement bar or games room, then don't just go with the first cheap stool you see. Take a moment to think about what furniture is already in the space you're intending to upgrade.

Wood Stools for Wood Rooms

If you have a traditional wood or country furniture look you may want to consider simple wooden bar stools or a western style saddle stool to accent the wood pieces you already have. Wood bar stools can be finished to a high polished cherry wood sheen or be made of oak or simple unfinished pine. Just don't stick a pine stool beside a cherry bar table because one will make the other look cheap. If you're bar or den has leather sofas and armchairs and is rich black or brown in tone, don't select a simple saddle bar but try a leather option or a swivel stool with padded back and arms like the riveted models that have a rich textured feeling.

If your counters and cupboards are wood then try to select wooden bar stool colors and finishes that are similar to the cupboards. Bar stools and tables or counters should be a similar style and color and therefore a polished metal stool or other metal creations in wrought iron or sleek chrome should not be chosen with a wood counter and cabinet design. All you will succeed in doing is to make the wood look dull and the chrome seem out of place. Chrome works best with minimalist décors and kitchens that have stainless steel appliances and marble, stainless steel or white veneer countertops.