Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, or Mesomorphs - You all need different exercise regimes.(119014)Credit: google images

     Not all bodies are the same.  There are three relatively distinct body types and the exercises suitable for each vary greatly.  You may not fit exactly into any of the three, but, if you stand naked in front of a full length mirror, you will see that you lean more towards one of the three.  You will get the most benefit from your exercise routine, if you relate it to your body type.  Take time to decide what basic body type most describes you.

Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, or Mesomorphs - You all need different exercise regimes.(119011)Credit: google images


     Ectomorphs have long lean bodies with small joints, and long narrow feet and hands.  They are lightly muscled and often have sloping shoulders.  They also tend to have narrow, flat chests.     

     Ectomorphs have little body fat, and limited endurance.  They are not naturally strong, and build up muscle slowly.  Because they are a calorie burning machine, ectomorphs can usually eat whatever they want and still remain slim.

     If you are an ectomorph, you want exercises that build up your muscle mass, strength, and endurance.  You will never be a muscular powerhouse, or have that shapely hour-glass figure, but you will always be envied for your long, lean body. 

Exercises For Ectomorphs

     1.  Work out with weights regularly to build up muscle definition.  Start with light weights, and increase the weight gradually.  Do not be discouraged, if results are slow to appear.  That is part of being an ectomorph.

     2.  Get regular cardio exercise to increase your endurance.  Find an activity you like, and stick to it.  Running, swimming, and biking are all excellent cardio-vascular exercises for an ectomorph.  You have little weight to carry, so you can build up speed quickly.

     *  Because ectomorphs burn calories so fast, it is important that they eat well.  Don't eat junk, just because your can.  Junk food will give you calories, but empty ones, and little else.  If you want a healthy, reasonably shapely body, eat wisely, and exercise appropriately.

Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, or Mesomorphs - You all need different exercise regimes.Credit: google images


     Endomorphs have soft round or pear-shaped bodies.  They tend to be on the short side with large heads, a stocky build and poorly defined muscles.  Endomorphs gain weight easily, and lose it with difficulty.  Because endomorphs have slower metabolisms, they can easily become overweight and may be mislabeled as lazy.

     1.  An intensive cardio workout is essential for you, if you are to burn off some of that weight.  Good cardio for endomorphs include spinning classes, fast walking with elevation, kick boxing, circuit training, and swimming.

     2.  Work for defined muscles, with heavy weight training.  Endomorphs tend to have strong leg muscles, so use squats to get muscle definition.

     *If endomorphs are to lose body fat, they need, not only to exercise, but also to cut back on calories.  The best way to do this is by eating nourishing food, but in smaller portions.

Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, or Mesomorphs - You all need different exercise regimes.(119012)Credit: google images


     Mesomorphs are considered powerhouses.  They have hard well-defined muscles.  Mesomorphs build muscle easily, and do not tend to store fat.  Although they can gain weight, they can also lose it just as easily.  Mesomorphs are visibly muscular.  They have broad shoulders, and small waists.

     1.  Mesomorphs should exercise on a regular basis, but moderately.  They will see results quickly, so they need not use heavy weights.  Increase reps rather than increasing weight.

     2.  It is important to get regular cardio, so that your weight stays under control.  Variety is the key.  Some suggestions would be circuit training, biking, swimming, or speed walking.


Ectomorphs, Endomorphs, or Mesomorphs - You all need different exercise regimes.(119013)Credit: google images


                                Ectomorphs - Endomorphs - Mesomorphs

- Whatever your body type, remember to see your doctor before you start any work-out program.

- Also remember to stretch, both before and after working out.

- Eat well, and your body will show its gratitude.