Congratulations! Now that you're engaged, you're probably overwhelmed with millions of details for your wedding and new life together.

Well, I've got one more for you- Honeymoon locations. Have you decided where you're going on your first trip as husband and wife? If not, I'm not surprised…there are so many options!

First, consider your budget. If you're limited, you have two options. You can either stick somewhat close to home…if you can find a great location within about eight hours' drive, the lack of airfare will take out a huge chunk of the cost.

Do you perhaps have a family member with a timeshare they'd be willing to give you for a week? Bonus! Your other option for a budget-friendly honeymoon is a package deal. Search the internet or contact a travel agent to find the hundreds of options available to you for inexpensive honeymoon trips.

If the budget isn't quite as much of a concern as it might be, your options are practically endless! Honeymoon locations abound on every continent except Antarctica. (Strike that…I bet you could even have an excursion to Antarctica for the right price!)

Exploring the monuments and historical sites in Europe is a fun way to spend time as a couple. In Asia, there are ancient and exotic sites to visit. There are hundreds of islands to choose from in every ocean, and Africa, Australia and New Zealand are all incredible destinations.

Discuss with your fiance what the two of you would most like to do on your honeymoon. Do you want to spend the entire week in your suite, with a beautiful view of the ocean or mountains?

Would you prefer an adventure, with a new excursion every day? How about a week at a theme park resort, where you can hold hands and be kids together? Sit down with a globe or an atlas, and talk about destinations that have always intrigued you.

With thousands of honeymoon locations to choose from, you will eventually find the one that is perfect for your first trip as a married couple. And you'll probably create a wish list for future travel together, too!

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