You meet a great person. They say and do the right things and everything screams they are "The One." You spend lots of time together initially and in your mind there is no place you would rather be than in the arms of this person. The relationship has no place to go but up. Then you receive the call. Mr. or Ms. Wonderful can no longer see you. It's just not a good time to pursue a relationship. After feeling blindsided, you are shocked and confused. Maybe they just weren't that into you. It's also possible you had the right love at the wrong time. Spot situations to avoid so future relationships don't play games with your heart.

Divorcees- Dating the recently divorced is not always a bad thing. Keep one word in mind- patience, patience and more patience. Previously married couples once loved each other and it takes time to get over those feelings and accept that the relationship has ended. An unofficial healing period states one needs a certain amount of months living single for each year you were with your ex. While unscientific, I think it does hold validity. Don't invest too much in a relationship with the recently divorced because most likely you are a rebound until they get their lives together.

Hectic Personal Lives- You never see the hectic people coming. Your time together is magical. Maybe you have a hard time catching up with them. As you learn more about them, you hear details about their life outside of you. These people care for sick relatives, raise siblings, possibly experience legal trouble. Personal issues do not label one a bad person, but it limits how much of their emotional selves they can offer to you. Dealing with a cancer ridden mother is emotionally draining. A caretaker would not want to deal with typical relationship issues with so many other things on their mind. Allow those with hectic personal lives to gain a sense of normalcy before you start seeking more.

Wanderlust- Meeting this person is like a breath of fresh air. They have the education and the dream job and they want more. The problem with wanderlust is they are not willing to sacrifice right now to pursue a relationship. Meeting them later in life, your relationship might actually have a shot. Trapping a wanderlust leads to nothing but bitterness and contempt on their part. Let that butterfly go and hope it eventually comes back to you.

What do you do in a right love/wrong time relationship? Know that everything happens for a reason. A better situation is out there for you. Mr. or Ms. Wonderful needs some time to be ready for you. Never lament or dwell on why the relationship did not work out. Learn from your experiences and make relationship choices that make you happy in the future.