Olympus Makes Digital Voice Recorders For Many Purposes

Olympus digital voice recorders have long been known for their recording quality in both individual dictation and conference room recording. While there are individual features on different recorders that users enjoy, the excellent recording quality and playback are the features that set Olympus apart from other digital voice recorders. Lawyer's, doctors, students and writers have all found Olympus voice recorders which fit their needs and budgets.

Olympus digital voice recorders are compact and lightweight, often not weighing much more than the batteries it takes to run them. Because they are digital they do not have moving parts or cassettes that can go bad. When finished recording the user can connect his Olympus digital voice recorder to a computer to transfer the files and make backup copies, or the user can e-mail the recording to a secretary for transcription.

Olympus DS-50

Olympus is constantly making changes to their line of products which sometimes makes it difficult to find the exact model that one has read about online. Therefore the recommendations below are general suggestions for what to look for when buying an Olympus digital voice recorder. Many of the Olympus recorders will serve the user in just about any recording situation. However, there are some recorders which work better than others in certain situations.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: Economy Models

For students or people on a tight budget who are looking for an Olympus digital voice recorder there are a few models to choose from. However, many of the recorders on the low end of the price range are missing features that some would consider necessary. For example, the Olympus DP-10 digital recorder costs less than $40.00 but does not have a USB connection to transfer the recordings to a computer. The ability to transfer a recording to a computer may not be necessary if the purpose of having a voice recorder is to play back class notes. If it is necessary to have the audio files so that they can be emailed or shared with friends, then is important to look for an Olympus digital recorder which has a USB connection.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: Voice Dictation

Olympus has made its name in the voice recording market by creating devices specifically for voice dictation and transcription services. The Olympus voice recorders create digital files which can be emailed for transcription. The files can also be used with a voice dictation program such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Any of the Olympus recorders which record in WMA or MP3 format will work well for transcription. If using one of the voice recorders which uses the Digital Speech Standard (DSS), it is important to ensure that the person receiving the file for transcription will be able to play back the proprietary format. Fortunately, Dragon NaturallySpeaking accepts the DSS file format.

Olympus WS-710MOlympus Digital Voice Recorders: Conference Room Recording

Some of the stereo digital voice recorders by Olympus have excellent conference room recording abilities. They are able to capture the different users in a meeting room with their sensitive microphones while still offering a high quality recording. Although the Olympus voice recorders operate on batteries, some are able to operate on AC power for recording long sessions. With their ample internal memory and SD card slots it is possible to record several days worth of speech without needing to transfer the files to a computer. Recorders which are specifically made for conference room recording, like the Olympus WS-710M, have sensitive mics that can be set to capture speech in large rooms as well as personal conversations.

Olympus LS-11 (37930)Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: Interview Recording

Many of the Olympus recorders will work well when recording interviews. Some however, are specially suited for such a task. The Olympus LS-11 is in excellent field recorder with built in stereo microphones and an incredible eight GB of internal memory. There is also an included SD card slot which allows the user to add more memory as necessary. With the large amount of memory available in this digital voice recorder they have made it practical to record in uncompressed formats. This gives the user a high quality recording that can be edited for other purposes. These higher quality recordings are not well suited for emailing for transcription but they can easily be converted to smaller file formats for sharing.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: High Security

For doctors and lawyers concerned with client confidentiality Olympus makes the DS-5000ID voice recorder. It has a biometric fingerprint lock which prevents any one but the owner of the device from playing back or altering any of the files on the recorder. The files are encrypted when they are recorded and can only be decrypted with a password. The DS-5000ID comes with a 512 MB Micro SD card but can be expanded up to 8 GB. Because of the security features in this digital recorder it is HIPPA certified.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders: General Tips

There is a Olympus digital voice recorder for just about any need. When purchasing a voice recorder it is important to know if the device will connect to the computer it will be used with. Any of the Olympus voice recorders which can connect to a computer are designed to work well with Windows. Many Olympus digital recorders use their DSS Player software to manipulate recordings. While the software is available for the Mac platform, not all of Olympus recorders are compatible with Mac.

Many Olympus digital voice recorders can replace an MP3 player or iPod. They can be used to play back MP3 and WMA files so that the user can listen to music or podcasts. Some of the voice recorders have FM tuners for listening to local radio as well.

Amazon has a wide selection of Olympus digital voice recorders. Reading reviews for the device one is interested in is recommended before purchasing. There are varied opinions on just about every recorder. Depending on the user's intended purpose, a certain recorder may serve the user well, or get returned shortly after purchase. The Amazon reviews can help a new buyer make a better choice for their needs.