school chairs

As a religious leader or educator, one of the most important details to be taken care of when planning an event is providing enough seating. Whether it’s for a church or school function, being able to accommodate crowds of all sizes is an important detail. Various options are available to ensure there is room for everyone.

For Church Functions
Many contemporary or smaller houses of worship needing church furniture rely on worship seating chairs for their sanctuary. Having an ample supply is wise, to accommodate overflow when large crowds show up unexpectedly for a special occasion.  Whenever there is a wedding or funeral, worship seating chairs are a necessity. These types of chairs have several different styles and price ranges, and many of them can be ordered with bookracks underneath to accommodate Bibles and hymnals.

Folding chairs, either metal or plastic, are another option. For Sunday school classrooms or a church fellowship hall, they stack easily when not in use and can be moved wherever they are needed. Some churches use plastic non-folding stacking chairs to fill their seating needs. Still another alternative for churches with a band or orchestra is to buy chairs specially designed for musical performance, with a seat and back at the correct proper angle to allow for proper breathing.

This type of church furniture comes in either fabric upholstered or vinyl upholstered, depending on the customer’s seating needs. Sometimes the manufacturer runs a promotion on certain styles of chairs. Also, frequent customers and churches placing a large order often may get a discount, which makes purchasing them even more attractive from a financial standpoint.

Student Seating at School
Educators needing school furniture have a variety of choices. Whether it’s an assembly, a performance or concert or a need for desks in every classroom, all schools rely on adequate seating to accommodate students. The sleek desks on the market now are a far cry from the old-fashioned desks of yesteryear.

There is more than one manufacturer selling student desks, and each one is crafted differently. Some are a smart red or a zippy yellow, to make being in the classroom almost fun. There are “Junior Executive” adjustable height desks, open front desks and combination chair-desks. Each one has that all-important basket to hold textbooks, workbooks and papers.

Then there’s the school cafeteria. With hundreds of students needing seating during lunch period, there’s a definite need to have enough cafeteria tables. Rectangular mobile bench units are better than traditional round tables because they can seat more students.

As many as four or five children can sit on either side, and a lunchroom full of tables like this means seating is not an issue. With these tables, clearing the cafeteria floors to make room for an assembly or program requiring significant floor space is easy. Unlike round tables, they can fold up and roll away to a storage area with little effort.

For School or Church
Hybrid furniture like portable stages can be used for either school or church functions. A hardwood or carpeted portable stage is perfect for concerts or performances at either venue. It is easily set up and broken down and can be moved quickly, plus it provides a sturdy platform as needed.

Their durability and strength is unequaled. Portable stages are made of heavy steel with laminated plywood core decking. They can have hardboard, carpet or polypropylene finishes. They can be combined and assembled in a platform, runway setup, stage, horseshoe or seated stage pattern.

Well-made portable stages are designed to support at least 200 pounds per square foot. The frame is constructed of 16-gauge steel, and the legs are made of 14-gauge steel tubing 1.05 inches in diameter. They can be assembled and taken down by two people without any special tools or equipment.

The good thing about staging like this is that it’s flexible. It can be ordered all the same height for putting together a concert stage, or several different heights to make risers for a chorus or accommodate a seated band. When not in use it can be stacked and folded up a few inches high, so as not to take up much room.

If you’ve ever attended a function with a shortage of seats, you know how frustrating that can be. Providing enough chairs is crucial to enhancing any school program or church function for everyone in the audience. With the multiple options available for seating large gatherings of people, there’s no need for anyone to be forced to stand.