Tennis has always been a popular sport and it is especially prevalent when there is a major tournament playing. Everyone loves to watch the great players show their stuff on the courts and prove why they deserve to be the number one.

Tennis is also a big money making industry not just for the players but also for all the tennis practice equipment manufacturers. There is such a wide choice of tennis clothing to choose from and whatever clothing brand you prefer, you will definitely find something that will meet with your expectations.

The basic equipment that any tennis player needs, whether they are a true professional or the just play the sport for recreational fun can amount to a large sports bag full of paraphernalia.

  • A good quality tennis racket
  • Good tennis shoes
  • Good tennis balls
  • A good tennis ball machine

A Good Quality Tennis Racket

The most important thing that anybody who wants to play the sport properly should have in their possession is a good quality tennis racket. There is a whole range to choose from. For little children, you will want to get a racket that is lightweight and has a wide head so that it is much easier to hit the ball. A beginner needs all the encouragement they can get so having the most suitable racket for your age group will be a bonus.

For the older player, there is a good range of lightweight metal or plastic framed rackets to choose from. All the major brands will have different type of rackets to suit the differing levels of playing ability. It is a good idea to take a look online to see what is on offer. If you need further assistance you can call into a sports shop where the staff should be able to advise you on the best racket for you.

Good Tennis Shoes

The type of tennis shoes that you purchase will depend on the type of surface that you will be playing on. The sort of tread that you would want on the bottom of your training shoes will be different if you are mainly playing on grass than they would be if you intend to play on a clay or asphalt surface. You need the appropriate shoe to give you enough support and flexibility when you are moving around the court. All the major brands will have something that will suit each terrain so you should be able to find the right shoe and the right fit.

Good Tennis Balls

A good game of tennis is all about serving tennis balls effectively and efficiently over the net. A good set of tennis balls can make all the difference. When you are a beginner, you will most probable see and feel very little difference in the type of balls you are using. It is difficult to tell when a ball is a dud. If you regularly watch tennis tournaments you will notice how often the set of balls are changed during a game. This is because so much pressure is applied to the balls with each and every contact between the ball and the racket. The ball loses its initial spring and bounce. Over a certain period of time, it is no longer able to bounce properly and has a real effect on the game.

This type of thing will not happen that often when you are new to the game but once you get better and your serves get harder and more targeted, you will start to realize when the balls lose their original sheen. Invest in a good set and they will last a little bit longer.

A Good Tennis Ball Machine

If you want to practice your return shots on your own, you may like to invest in a cheap tennis ball machine. This will help because you can simply load up the machine, set the program and have balls automatically served to you over the net. Try and find the best tennis ball machine that you can within your budget.

Tennis is a great sport to get into and it is not just for the professional. If you have the right tennis practice equipment you are sure to see a great improvement in your own game.