Like most any power tool that you may discover a need for, tile saws come in different models for different uses and also a variety of qualities. The average homeowner will have little need to purchase the top of the line professional model and may even consider renting a saw if you see no chance of future tiling projects. However, you may find that this is not as cost effective as you may think. Of course, the professional tile installer will require a high quality model capable of cutting multiple material types of even the largest size.

While terminology will vary among the different manufacturers, tiles saws are generally available in three basic models. Those with fixed trays, those with a sliding tray and the real workhorse, the bridge tile saw. All of these models should be supplied with some variation of a water cooling system that keeps the blade cool and the dust down.

The fixed tray saw is relatively simple to use and operates in much the same way as a standard table saw. They generally have an adjustable fence, which you move depending on the width of the cut tile, that you place the side of the material against and then push the material through the saw blade. These saws are usually small, lightweight, quite inexpensive and will produce nice results for simple tiling jobs.

The sliding tray tile saw is on the lower end of the professional grade models. It has a tray that slides along on guides and allows the cutting of larger tiles than the fixed tray models. You place the tile on the tray in the position you desire and the tray slides through the saw blade while the tile remains stationary.

Lastly, the top of the line professional saw is the bridge tile saw. This saw has a fixed tray and the saw slides along on an overhead rail while the material is held in a fixed position. One of the main advantages of these saws is that they will allow you to cut tiles up to as large as twenty four inches since there are usually no side restrictions.

No matter the type tile saw that fits your needs, one of the things you will find that helps the job go smoother is a quality blade. Purchase the best quality diamond blade that will fit your saw and you will more than likely be satisfied with the performance of your saw purchase.