Making the first move is always a terrifying experience. Sometimes, however, it's the best way  to get the job done. It isn’t always the man’s job to ask the girl out for coffee. Sometimes you have to be the one to ask someone out on the date.
  It might be a little uncomfortable at first, but asking them out first can be very rewarding. If you need a little assurance that he's into you, here are some hints that it's time for you to make the first move.

Watch their Body Language

How is his eye contact? Does he make an effort to stand close to you or maybe to sit by you? Does he angle his body towards you? Do you catch him looking at you? These are all signs that he’s just waiting for you to talk to him. Another important thing to watch for is his smile. When a guy smiles a lot when around you there is a good chance that he is interested in you. A smile is worth more words than the mouth can speak.

The Word Soon

Soon. It’s a very annoying word. They’ll tell you, “We should do this sometime soon.” Or maybe, “We should hang out sometime soon.”  But despite the multiple times they have made theoretical plans with no set date, they never set up a sure thing. This could mean a couple of things: they could be scared to ask you out, they might not be ready for a relationship, or they are afraid of getting in your way. The best way to deal with this is to take charge and make plans. If they say soon then make it your job to ask what they are doing this Saturday.

Public Hangouts

He constantly asks you to hang out with his friends or to come to parties with him but he never asks you out on an exclusive date. This either means that he’s really interested in you but doesn’t quite know how to ask you out on a date or you are dangerously close to entering the friend zone. Yes, you can get stuck in the friend zone too. In either situation, it’s time for you to hurry up and ask them out for dinner before you get stuck in the friend zone or he moves on.

His Friends Know All About You

It’s easier to talk to other people about a person than it is to talk to that person. That's the sad truth. So if his friends seem to know more about you than you know about them, he probably likes you a lot. He willingly will tell his friends everything about you so listen when his friends talk to you. Do they know stuff you don’t remember telling them? Do they give hints that he likes you? His friends are your greatest tool, because a lot of friends will straight up tell you if he likes you. They want their friend to be happy, and if you are the thing that makes him happy then they will be more than glad to push you two together.


Contact means a lot. This falls partially under body language but it's something to look out for on its own. If he finds excuses to touch you or hug  you, that is a big green light to go ahead and talk to them, or even ask them out to the movies.

New Similar Interests

If he suddenly starts to listen to the same music that you listen to or if your favorite movie happens to become his then he probably has been paying attention to what you like and then imitating you. No, he is not trying to become your twin, he’s just trying to create some common interests between the two of you.