Valentine's day is the day for lovers. It is that brief season of hearts and flowers, of chocolates and white doves. Let's not forget all the pink and red too. It can also be a little stressful for both men and women. For men, they worry that they will not be romantic enough or get her the right gift or gifts. Boyfriends feel the pressure of competition. He knows the day after Valentine's day that women will compare so they don't want to be out done. Women, on the other hand, have other pressures. The biggest one might be Valentine's day message. A simple message usually presents the perfect valentine presents for your boyfriend. What is the right Valentine's day message for boyfriend. Why does something that is seemingly so simple keep women awake at night. To understand that you must look at the two parts of message. There is what is said and how it is delivered. The delivery aspect is the easier one so we can start there.

Well, the card when you see him that night will always work but most women will not be satisfied with that or just that. The evening card is a fall back position. You can go with that when you can't think of something clever. The best Valentine's day message for boyfriend is the one he did not expect. Just think of his face when he gets up for work and finds a Valentine's day card on his car. Even better if you know he is going to wear a particular suit that day leave it in a pocket where it will go unnoticed for the first part of the day. How about a small note slipped into his wallet. If you never talk at work then maybe sending him an SMS at work. Surprise is the key here.

Next comes content. The most crucial part of the valentines gift idea for guys. Keep it short, sweet and simple. There is no need for a Shakespearian sonnet. Besides The Bard, men don't really do that. A short poem is ok if you must but try not to be too sappy. It will make him feel he needs to be sappy as well and it is doubtful he is good at it. You might be really surprised at how much he will like a simple message like "You make me feel special, I love you."

A message like that is perfect because it is not mushy or make you sound clingy. It is a statement of fact and that is how men tend to communicate. They are simple creatures.

Now, knowing this, you can sleep fine knowing that you are going to seem like SuperGirlfriend and it was all because you knew the right Valentine's day message for boyfriend.