Flowers are the perfect gift for Valentines Day. Beautiful and delicate, they will impress any woman and are the ideal messenger of love. All you have to do is make sure that the flowers you’re getting are the right ones for your lady.

How To Pick Perfect Valentines Day Flowers

If it’s the first Valentines Day you spend with a lady, there are some “flowers rules” you need to follow, to be sure you’re getting the right effect. For example, make sure your lady friend isn’t allergic to pollen. Bringing flowers to a person who is allergic to pollen is inconsiderate and annoying for the one getting them. It’s really not the best way to start your date.

When you know which are a lady’s favorite flowers, your mission is easy. But, if you don’t have a clue about that, you have some hard choices to make. First of all, don’t get flowers with very strong perfume, like lilies for instance. Many people are bothered by such strong perfumes, and the best thing is to avoid them.

When you offer Valentines Day flowers, you’re hoping to make the right impression. That’s not going to happen, if you buy a cheap bouquet from the supermarket. And you can rest assured that any women will know from a single glimpse how much effort you put in picking that bouquet.

Some flowers are simply dull – carnations, for instance. Carnations are the kind of flowers you offer to your grandma, and not to your date. Pick some exotic flowers instead, like azaleas or orchids. And remember, you shouldn’t offer packed flowers. Even if, in the flower shop, the seller puts the flowers in a box or wraps some paper around them, before offering the flowers you need to take them out of the packaging.

Valentines Day Flowers – Think About Her Personality

It is very hard to choose the right Valentines day flowers for you sweetheart. If she is a discreet, romantic person, she probably loves simple bouquets, like violets or wild flowers. If she is an outgoing, daring person, you should get her some strong colored flowers, like red roses. Some ladies simply hate cut flowers. If you noticed that your date is not very thrilled when you bring her flower bouquets, try something a little different for Valentines Day. Flowerpots are a great idea – colorful tulips and hyacinths look great in pots. And the best part about them is that, after they lose the flower, your sweetheart can simply plant the bulbs in the garden. This way, she will enjoy your flowers not for two or three days, but for years.

Surprise Her With Exquisite Valentines Day Flowers

Women love surprises, that’s for sure. You can prepare the terrain for the perfect Valentines Day by sending her a flower bouquet during the day. There is nothing more romantic, for a lady, than receiving flowers at the office. Make sure that you put a romantic card next to the flowers, to let her know about your feelings. In the evening, when you show up to pick her up for your date, she will be in a great mood.

Create You Unique Valentines Day Flowers Arrangement

Show to your date the creative part of your personality and offer her (or him) a unique bouquet, one that you made it yourself. Pick all the flowers yourself, and make sure they are really fresh. Try to find a nice color combination for the bouquet. For instance, red and white roses always look great in an arrangement. And, to highlight the fact that you actually put the bouquet together, stick in the middle a special surprise for your partner. For example, take some fine, thin paper, write a love letter on it and roll it to look like a rose. Attach the paper rose to a wooden stick and arrange the other Valentines day flowers around. Your partner will certainly be delighted by your romantic gesture.

What Goes Well With The Valentines Day Flowers?

Flowers are a big part of the Valentines Day romance, but flowers also have some best friends. And the flowers’ best friends are wine and chocolate. If you really want to impress a lady, the magic trio – flowers, wine and chocolate – are your best ally. Red is the color of passion, so the best combination is red roses, red wine and dark chocolate.