How to get out of bed without hurting your back

Even though just about everyone knows that when you lift something you should have you back in as straight up and as vertical as possible, most forget it when if comes to lifting a heavy object. People will keep the legs straight and use the back muscles to lift, rather than the leg muscles which are so much stronger. Same goes for lifting the body out of bed in the morning. Many of us sit up straight like we were doing a sit up. Doing particular action like that every day is not going to be good long term.

What is the problem with the way most everyone gets out of the bed?

The pivot point when you lift your torso is your bottom and the heaviest half, the top half of you body is being lifted by the muscles in your back. These muscles are not really designed for this sort of heavy lifting. There is a way that you can either save your back some of the pain in later life or eliminate the problem altogether by getting in to a good habit, sooner rather than later. Best to do it as early in your life as possible to be effective.

The Right Way to get out of bed

First roll onto your side facing out to the edge of your bed. Move your legs over the edge and let them fall to the floor. That will give you a pendulum action and the top part of your body will be lifted with hardly any effort in a sideways and upwards direction. This set of movements is very much better, when compared to the straight sit up, that would probably cause you untold pain later. As your legs go towards the floor you will pivot on the hip and you can use your lower arm and the elbow to give you that extra bit of lift. Just good mechanics, thats all.

At least consider this option

If you are a bit more energetic you can do something similar but is an in between step to what is the wrong way. Just bring your legs up and with a rolling motion use the weight of your legs to roll the rest of you up. Not the best way as in the previous part of this article, but not too bad and will maybe, alleviate possible future problems a little. That one is definitely for the younger more energetic types out there.

Do you want your kids to laugh at you?

We have to get out of bed just about every day of our lives and the repeated abuse of your back will surely damage it in the long run. I know we all think that we will live forever, but sometimes a little bit of body protection and management is in order. Look after your spine and your back muscles to stop the complaints from your old bones and muscles, that will have your kids laughing at you later for being a broken down old crock.

Don't go hurting your back after a good night sleeping.