For the most part, each of us has a hobby we like to do at home. We have a little area set aside, whether it is in the basement, garage or a spare room. Using this space to its utmost potential is part of it, so finding the right work table for what we are doing is key.

Most hobbies do not required a monster steel bench with a two inch thick top on them, but some might. You would not buy this type of table if you were going to use it for embroidery, but you may look at them seriously if you do furniture restorations at home. Each work table out there meets the specific needs of its user.

For the hobbyist with smaller more delicate projects such as modeling or crafts, there are a wide variety of lightweight, even portable tables out there. You want something that is sturdy and if space is an issue, one that folds up for storage in a closet when not in use. These are relatively inexpensive as work tables go.

When looking for ones for the more serious hobbyist, whether it is car repair or maybe sculpting and pottery, a heavier duty table is in order. These come in a wide range of styles and materials, from steel bases with butcher block tops to injection molded plastic legs with an ABS plastic top. These plastic styles are virtually indestructible with normal use and also very light weight.

Computer tables are another style that has found their way into more homes recently. With more and more people working from home, the need arose to not just have a desk for the computer but room for a copier, scanner, fax machine and more. These are mainly L shaped and very ergonomically designed.

Kitchen work tables have progressed over the years also. Incorporating wheels for mobility and pull out serving trays, these rival some pieces of equipment found in the finest restaurants. Impressing guests is a breeze with one of these, coming in butcher block and stainless steel varieties.