The Rio brand offers 3 kinds of at home laser hair removal systems:

The Original Rio Laser Hair Remover:

Targets individual hairs. This was the first product that Rio brought to the market.

The Rio Scanning Laser Hair Remover:

Treats up to 20 hairs at a time.

The Rio Scanning Laser Hair Remover x60:

Targets up to 60 hairs at a time. This is the latest Rio Salon version.

The costs range from £80.00 GBP to £250.00 GBP for the different models. The Rio Salon Laser Hair Removal range is suitable for use on fair to medium dark skin, such as pale Asian skintones. It is not suitable for use by Afro Caribbean or African skinned users, as the laser is absorbed by darker pigment and can cause serious burns.

The Rio Laser Hair Removers have 3 skin type settings for olive, medium and pale skins (pale being the strongest setting). Each skin type setting has it's own power scale from 1-5. It's important with any home IPL or laser treatment to not exceed the power setting that is recommended, as it could lead to burns.

As with all at home laser hair removal systems, the area being treated needs to be shaved or depilated first (not waxed). Using the Rio Laser Hair remover is simply a matter of pointing the device at the skin and pushing the power button on the handset. It can be used on the face, but care must be taken to avoid the eye and ear area.

The 'scan' feature of the latest devices means that the laser in the Rio salon treatment head actually moves in a circle around the area that is being treated, effectively treating a larger surface area than a static device. That is certainly a good thing, because if you're contemplating treating a large area such as legs, then one hair at a time is not going to deliver the goods any time soon. It was also this 'single hair' feature that many people openly criticised in user reviews, complaining about how long it took to use the device.

In terms of power, the Rio salon models vary from 600-1100 nanometers, depending on the setting used, and does not disclose how many joules of power they use. The issue there is that at least 10 joules is required for permanent hair removal, and I'm not sure that this is a powerful enough device to deliver the (permanent) goods.

What is good about the Rio salon range is the security features, meaning it can't be used without the key and a security code that is entered on the keys. This makes it ideal for users with small children in the house.

The key to any at home laser hair removal system is patience and perseverance. It is a dull chore to perform the weekly treatment, but once you start seeing results, it does help to motivate. Knowing you should be hair free in 2-3 months of treatment is certainly motivation enough for me.