Tablets have become an inexpendable part of one's lifestyle today.Wherever you go, you find people playing games, surfing the net, sending emails, reading books etc.You can do almost anything on a tablet today.While most people use them as a means for browsing the internet on a bigger screen, many others claim they can do higher sophisticated tasks with the device.In fact the popularity has gone to such extremes that they have even replaced laptops that used to dominate the digital market once.The major reason is that they attract almost everyone from the range of children to elderly, who use them in various ways.Even students use them as note taking devices, reducing the hassle of carrying bulks of reading material around and also use them as a storage for digital data.Recently, it had been stated in a survey that maximum online traffic has been coming from tablets when compared to smartphones that used to be the trend earlier.With the advent of a variety of android tabs and with the introduction of the Ipads, the role and popularity of tablets have seen a tremendous rise, especially from 2010.Though some people claim that they can be used in higher options such as digital graphics,video editing and so on, are they really that efficient compared to a laptop or a desktop? Though they might not be as efficient as laptops, still they seem to dominate the interest of the new generation. Many new applications have gained popularity recently like the instant messenger Whatsapp, Line Chat,Photofunia etc. With the development of lots and lots of applications nowadays, both consumers and developers are equally benefitted.

The prices and features of tablets are the main factors that determine their selection by consumers.Though most of the people prefer high end devices like Ipads due to their worldwide popularity and exclusive operating sysytem,many others settle for the less costly and cheaper android tablets to meet their demands.

When a major part of the consumer division opt for Ipads,their opponent android tabs like Google Nexus and Amazon Kindle also attract many sections of society due to their impressive features and versatility. Though cheaper tablets may not have many impressive features of high end devices, they still attract a major section of the consumers due to their affordable prices, basic features and different sizes. But many of them fail to attract global attention either due to poor marketing or localised distribution.Still many people who do not look for complicated work prefer these tablets as they serve as a source of entertainment.

Ipad4Google Nexus

Though the name might not be as popular as Apple or Nexus, they still attract many people who prefer a bigger screen display with preloaded apps that keep them preoccupied for hours.

Some interesting facts related to tablets are displayed below:


While teenagers and adults below 35years of age prefer smartphones to tablets, people above 35years of age usually feel more comfortable using tablets as depicted in the survey above.This difference can be explained by the large size of the tablet screen which elderly people find much easier and convenient, thus offering them a better viewing experience.


As shown in the survey above,majority of people in most of the countries prefer surfing the net via their tablets compared to smartphones with a minor exception in case of Japan and China, where smartphones still remain the favourite medium to access the internet.

Tablet Market Share

While Apple dominated the major market share of 43.6% in the global tablet shipment survey in the fourth quarter of 2012, its noteworthy that many cheaper android tablets contributed to 22.1%, followed by Samsung and Amazon brands.

Time Spent- Tablets Vs Smartphones

As per the analysis displayed above, it was found that people spent more time with tablets for gaming(67%) and social networking(10%) compared to smartphone users.

Some of the main features that has made tablets so popular in the society nowadays are:

Portability: Tablets are easily portable compared to laptops.You don't have to walk around with a big 15 inch size screen of 3-4 kg everyday,eventually resulting in chronic back pain in the long run.Tablets are extremely light that you can carry them easily for hours without hurting your back.

Applications: Thousands of applications are developed per day around the globe emphasising on games, communication, productivity, education etc that offers a richer experience on a big tablet screen compared to miniature smartphone screens.

Longer battery life: Tablets offer a better battery life compared to laptops that last for max 10 to 12 hrs for high end devices and 3-4 hrs for small scale ranges. Still considering the performance of the device, this is something outstanding.

Surfing the web: Compared to small screen size of smartphones, tablets provide a bigger display for viewing websites and performing small operations that many people find as a great advantage as they don't have to type on a tiny screen with enormous fingers.

Gaming: Gaming has never been this exciting before. Angry Birds was just the beginning and the variety of games available nowadays like Subway Surfers, Agent Dash, Real Racing, Dead Trigger are just too addicting to keep us preoccupied for hours in the digital world.Even the simplest games had never been so charming earlier.

Portable Movie and Mp3 Source:The experience of watching movies in a tablet screen when compared to smaller smartphone screens is definitely worth mentioning here.Certain media players in the application world also enable videos to be played in HD format,thus enhancing their clarity and ambience.

Educational Tool: Tablets have also become very popular among students as a note taking device and a reference medium that has saved them from the burden of carrying huge volumes of literature around. Also, a wide range of educational books are available in the form of e-books nowadays in the app stores, that can be easily downloaded to cater to the needs of many students.

GPS and Google Maps: This is one feature that truly makes them very useful in many situations like getting to a new locality, finding your favourite cafe or restaurant, finding popular places of attraction like shopping malls,parks,beaches etc by just one click.

Graphical Presentations:Tablets have also gained popularity among many professionals, sales personnels, business executives etc, who use them as a means to promote their products and services that involves showcasing their products. In business, they serve the purpose of displaying spot presentations and displays.Even many companies offer their sales executives ipads nowadays to enable them to showcase their products and communicate interpersonally via emails on the go.

Such are the benefits of tablets and there are countless other possibilities coming up each day with this new gadget.While Ipads remain the most popular and costliest stuff now, acvndroid tablets are manufactured in plenty from various brands that come in various sizes and features, thus offering people a wider variety of selection.Though laptops/desktops remain the most productive gadget ever invented that enables to perform things that even a high end tablet is unable to perform, many people still prefer tablets for easy operations like browsing the web and playing games due to their compact nature and smoother user interface.

Cheaper Android Tablet

The popularity and demand for tablets are growing day by day.Though many countries still prefer tablets as their favourite newly found gadget, many others like Japan prefer to stick to smartphones, where the demand is on the rise compared to tablets. Its also worth noting that comparatively cheaper tablets by various brands were introduced in India recently,as a part of promoting their usage among youngsters and elderly.Tablets were also introduced in many high schools throughout the country as a part of educational reform.Though tablets cannot perform high end computing operations at present, many newer devices are under processing that may prove their efficiency much higher than desktops or laptops in the near future.Lets wait and see......................