Cyber crime a true threat

The rise and threat of cyber crime is very real. It has blanketed us in ways that few imagined a few decades ago, it is broad and all-consuming. The victims are innocent and unaware until they are devoured by clever scams and their once pristine identity yanked out from under, sudden and decisively. With the advent of time and technology, computers have formed an integral part of the working society. Computers along with digital technology have brought greater work and time efficiency in our working society, as a whole. Along with all the benefits that computers and technology have brought, there also comes the rising and alarming threat of cyber crime.

Cyber crime in recent times, is exponentially on the rise, a secret threat, thanks to the almost hidden crimes committed by hackers. The dangers that cyber crime is posing to individuals, companies and information in computers has been acknowledged by the entire global community. Serious concern and alarm have been raised against the growing threat of cyber crime and it's potential threat to the information possessed in the computers. The reason that cyber crime is posing a serious threat, is because most countries around the world have no existing law that they can exert against cyber crimes. This leaves the businessmen and their businesses at the mere mercy of the technology that is also being used by millions of consumers and households as an appendage to their lifestyle.

The only resort that the individuals have or can take against cyber crime is the way of self protection. Self protection and--many sophisticated ways of doing so--is only one step that people can take against cyber crimes. No one thing is a full-proof, safe step. As hackers can easily hack through the computers of others, this makes the information stored in the computer more vulnerable to information leakage. One main reason why cyber crime has been gathering so much attention, is because of the fact that cyber crime has no boundaries. Cyber crimes have been reported breaching national barriers, jeopardizing the political and defense strategies of countries, selling information to the rival countries for money.

The other reason as to why cyber crime is posing a serious threat is because of the fact that it is usually hard to track the hackers when operating together--from distant and varied locations-- making it difficult for the law enforcers to track and find them.

Thus national bodies and governments should operate together to make a legal framework and structure through which prevention is high, and no hacker can slip through after committing cyber crime. Cyber crime investigators are now highly educated and equipped with the necessary technology to combat this ever rising threat.