Becoming a personal training can be a lucrative field and a very rewarding career to get into. You will get to work hands on with people and work to improve their health and fitness which can be fulfilling for yourself as well. Read on to learn how to get your foot in the door and start today as a personal trainer.

1. First of all, in addition to having personal experience on training the body and exercise, you must possess knowledge on various training programs, exercises, and techniques. This will help you design a training program and implement different exercises based on your client's needs and physical conditioning levels. Although being a former athlete or bodybuilder yourself can be helpful, you will look more professional and be taken more seriously if you attain a college degree and/or become certified to be an athletic trainer or strength and conditioning coach. The best route to take would be to earn a college degree in exercise science, kinesiology, or sports medicine. A college degree will make you more marketable and help you stand out when you are trying to secure clients and find facilities to use.

2. The next step is marketing and advertising yourself to potential clients. Make business cards with what you do, the costs of your services, your certifications, and your contact information on them and pass them out to every potential person you meet. Treat every person as a potential client. Make flyers as well with this information and post them anywhere you can think of. Great places to post your flyers are at local gyms, churches, college fitness centers, and any stores or business establishments that may allow you to post your flyers. Let your friends and family make your advertising campaign a little easier. Have them spread the news about what you are trying to do and let word of mouth earn you even more clients. In addition, the internet and social media makes it easier to promote yourself to people. Use social media networks like and to create fan pages that people can visit to see what you have to offer. Use quality keywords in your posts that people are more likely to search for when you update your pages.

3. Creating a website is another great opportunity to pick up clients. Having a website that advertises your personal training services is a good idea for several reasons. For one, you can not only find clients to train through your website, but you can possibly sell nutritional products and fitness equipment on your site, you can find other website with similiar niches and link up with their sites, and you can advertise products and services from other websites on your webpage and possibly earn a commision and/or money every time someone buys a product from another company or website through your webpage.

4. Being flexible in who you can train is a great way to ensure you will always have clients to train. Make it a point to learn how to train all types of different people. You can possibly train athletes, people trying to get in shape, people who work everyday and can't make it to the gym, or even train elderly people. You can even design training programs online for people for a flat fee. The opportunities are endless.

5. Lastly, you need a place to train people at. This may be a little more challenging and may incur start up costs or possibly taking out a business loan from the bank. If you don't already have a gym or facility that you can access to train your clients at, then you may want to consider investing in your own building and training equipment. Depending on your financial situation this may take some time as you most likely have other obligations and bills to pay. However, you should just take it one step at a time and look to start small as far as training people and buying pieces of equipment to train them with goes. Don't quit your day job right away if you have one and expect to jump head first into personal training making a decent annual salary. It takes time to establish yourself and its very difficult to get to a point where you can command top dollar for your services. However, keep this in mind. Most athletic trainers and personal trainers that you see on TV or who have very popular and famous websites or magazines or training programs all had to start somewhere. They didn't just start off charging clients $50-500 for every hour of training or $10.00-13.99 a DVD. Therefore you must start small and be ambitious about what you are doing. If you love what you are doing and put all of your passion and energy into it, then the success and money will follow.

Good Luck!