The expected one-sided fight between JMM and Pacman turned out as  another controversial win for the Pacman. But unlike the two previous fights, it lacks the excitement  present in their previous fights. Has Pacman could not figure out the right  style to fight JMM? Or was the fight designed to tempt Mayweather to finally fight Pacman? Mayweather announced he will fight on May 5, 2012 and had already reserved the venue for that fight, with the best fight out there which clearly refered to Pacman.

If the fight will not materialize next year it might lessen the interest for the fight considered to break all existing PPV sales record in boxing history, not to mention the risk of losing to another opponents. The recently concluded fight of Mayweather with Victor Ortiz ended in controversial way, same with the third fight of Pacman and JMM, though I think Pacman clearly won in a very close decision.

With Marquez saying robbery (as usual), chance  of a 4th match between him and Pacman would certainly generate another sell out crowd in the gate and a sizable PPV sales. Considering the way promoters produce  boxing match today, the possibility is not remote as we would think. Pacman and Mayweather are the only current fighters today that  could generate more than a million PPV sales. Other boxers such as Martinez  and Chavez Jr are popular but could not compare in  the  level in which Mayweather and Pacman  did when it comes to attracting fans , not even the fast rising star Amir Khan.

Whether we like it or not, Pacman and Mayweather are the current favorites of today’s generation of boxers. The heavyweight division sadly lacks better contenders to really give  challenge to the Klitsko brothers  and the two  champions  will retire without  a chance to  land   a million dollar PPV fights.

In this scenario,   Marquez retirement might be differed until Pacman and Mayweather finally fight each other in the  ring…unless Martinez comes down to the welterweight division , there will be no other blockbuster fight we could hope in the near future. In the meantime, a fight between Amir Khan and Timothy Bradley in the junior welterweight division will surely generate interest and could create a good atmosphere in boxing matches  tarnished  by accusations of cherry picking both in the camps of Pacman and Mayweather.

To erase that accusation , and to bring back the former status of boxing in the  minds of mainstream boxing fans, Mayweather and Pacman must finally fight each other in the ring, otherwise the legacy of the two boxers will never be accurately define...