It can be difficult to keep up with new developments in kids toys but the Roboni-i programmable and very interactive robot is something that you are going to be hearing an awful lot about in the very near future.

Just released it is set to be the next big thing as far as both toys and also interactive games are concerned. The fact is that most robotic toys are not really up to a very high standard. That is about to change. What we get with the Roboni-i is a very intelligent and very easy to use robotic toy.

Roboni-i Robot

The Roboni-i reviews all agree that the way it moves through 360 degrees with such ease and the intelligence that it has makes it at the fore of the new technology. With a wireless controller that shows you just how happy it is and what game you are currently playing it is state of the art in all regards.

You will find that there are numerous single player games to play that come with the pack as well as many more that can be downloaded. As well as this the sensors are even programmable and you can control so much of its behaviour. But only up to a point. Left alone for more than five minutes it will begin to explore its surroundings in an effort to guard its base camp. Get to close or if it encounters an enemy then it will release laser fire to warn them off.

With a whole real world interactive experience and the option for multiple player games we should not forget the virtual. This is what sets the Robini-i Robot apart from other contenders. There is a whole virtual world to be accessed via the control panel that can be loaded on to your PC. You can then play against others anywhere in the world and roam a virtual gaming world with your programmable robot.

This really is at the fore of a gaming revolution where we are not limited to only online games. We get all that but so much more. We get a real life and very good looking as well as extremely versatile robot that is sure to be a real winner with anyone at all interested in robotics and gaming.

The kids will be crying out for these very soon so forget the now very expensive zhu zhu pets and the Mindflex game and get the kids something totally unique and very special indeed, the Roboni-i programmable robot.