Best Inexpensive Resonator Acoustic Guitar on the Market

Rogue Resonator Guitars


The Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Acoustic Guitar



The rogue classic spider resonatoracoustic guitar

The Gift

I recently received a Rogue classic spider resonator acoustic guitar as a gift from my wife. As far as gifts go this one really got me smiling. For those of you considering one of these resonator guitars as a gift for your hubby, wife or domestic partner, lets just say you are on the right track. I would like to provide more information for you to make your decision.

A Brief History of the Resonator

John Dopyera

The first successful resonator guitar was the tricone created about 1925 by John Dopyera. These resonator guitars were manufactured by The National Corporation founded by John Dopyera and George Beauchamp. John later resigned from National to start his own company Dobro. Dobro is a play on the words Dopyera and brothers.

The Design


The spider resonator cone

 The resonator guitar is basically an acoustic guitar  made of wood or metal. Typically brass or steel. The body cavity houses an aluminum cone similar to a speaker cone. The original propose for this design was increased volume. Before the dawn of amplification regular acoustic guitars where having a hard time being heard when playing with large brass sections and other loud instruments.

The spider resonator is a forced redesign of the original due to Dopyera’s patent restrictions still owned by The National Corporation. In this design the bridge is suspended in the center of the cone by eight legs (spider) that rest on the edge of the resonator cone.

Who is Rogue

Rogue Guitars is the house brand for Musicians Friend distribution company located near the Rogue River in the Rogue Valley of Medford, Oregon. Manufacturing of the instruments is done by Sungbo Industrial in Korea. Musician's Friend is the primary distributor of Rogue guitars.

My Take

I was very impressed with the appearance of the instrument when I opened the box. I thought it was very beautiful. I got the sunburst round neck version. It also comes in black and square neck for playing it lap steel style.

Once I was done gawking I proceeded with the initial set up of the instrument. The factory set up was close but needed some additional tweeking. Then I left the strings and guitar to acclimate and settle in with an occasional adjustment over the coarse of a week. Once the guitar settled in it holds its tune very well and sounds amazing. It is the nicest looking piece on my wall and it’s the first one I pick up when I feel like playing.

My collection

I am very happy with this guitar and I think it is a fantastic gift especially for the price. I believe it is the most inexpensive resonator on the market. If the musician in your life is a bit picky and maybe a slight guitar snob I would recommend a more expensive model perhaps by Fender or Gibson. Unfortunately I believe the next least expensive resonator guitar is about 2 times more costly than the Rogue Classic Spider resonator guitar.I hope you find this article helpful and informative.

For your information THIS IS NOT A DOBRO! Dobro is the brand that was created by John and his brothers that is now property of Gibson guitars. Thank you for reading about The Rogue Classic Spider Resonator Acoustic Guitar.