Plastic surgery has become a way of life for many Americans. Originally only the rich and famous were able to afford the procedures. However, now the everyday person is having some type of plastic surgery performed. Many new mothers are rushing into plastic surgery soon after birth. Numerous doctors are warning they are rushing into the procedures too soon.  One of the most popular procedures for new mothers in recent trends has become the “mummy job”.

The “mummy job” is performed on patients after childbirth. The procedure includes a breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. New moms are flipping through the pages of magazines and see new mothers like Christina Aguilera, Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckman appearing slim and trim in their new post childbirth bodies and say “I want that”. Seeing celebrities pushing a baby carriage their bodies looking better than before the pregnancy is what they are asking their plastic surgeons to provide. Their plastic surgeon is providing that to them with the “mummy job”.

A healthier way to achieve these results would be exercise, eating healthy and allowing time for your body to recover from pregnancy, labor and childbirth. However, more new mommies are turning to plastic surgery as the answer. They don’t want to wait the time it would take to achieve the results in a healthier manner. Additionally, with exercise and eating healthy, they are not guaranteed the same results they are when plastic surgery is performed. They want a short cut and have found one with the “mummy job”.

In order to have plastic surgery performed a specific amount of time between birth and the plastic surgery technique must be allowed. New mothers are even twisting the truth in many cases indicating they have given birth months before they actual did and that they have tried and failed at healthy methods of losing the pounds  in order to have the procedures performed.

There are even cases in America where cesarean sections and tummy tucks are being performed at the same time. The typical amount of time that should be waited after delivery would be six months. Six months allows the body to get back to its former shape naturally with the aid of exercise and eating healthy. There are women coming in within six weeks of having a child.

Responsible plastic surgeons also note that hormonal fluctuations may possibly cause new mothers to make decisions that they may later regret or necessarily may not have made.  

New mothers should try to resist the urge to follow celebrity mothers that return to their pre-pregnancy state in a dangerously short amount of time. Doctors recommend time to allow the tissue in the stomach and breasts to shrink and settle themselves back down.

Plastic surgery is typical of any other surgical procedures with risks and even death in some cases. Therefore, unnecessarily adding additional risks by not telling your doctor the entire truth prior to surgery can lead increasing your likelihood of complications or death occurring.