Did Ron Paul Win Even One Supporter?

   It is interesting to look at the Ron Paul caucus results from the states that have already battled the GOP in order to affirm that the "crazy" Ron Paul is indeed the man that they wish to be their next president, but one has to take those caucus results with an understanding about the true forces at play in trying to get the Texas senator elected as the Republican nominee in 2012.  It is even more interesting to look at the little pockets of liberty that exist everywhere and that have become even more relevant when reading the  Ron Paul Guam caucus results for 2012.  Guam is one of those pockets of liberty that could have been an extremely important stand in this election cycle because their small population can give them an edge if the caucuses were held fairly.  The rules are rigged against anyone outside the elite ruling class, but perhaps this can be considered the first true Ron Paul win even though Mitt Romney officially walked away with the delegates.

   The unicorporated territory of Guam is an interesting political scene to read due to their unique situation and this shows in the Ron Paul Guam results.  For one, there is a single representative elected to represent Guam to the United States House of Representatives, and even that position is a non-voting one.  In much the same way, the people and citizens of Guam have a say in the party nomination process through the Guam Caucus 2012, but the results can not be carried over into the actual election in November because it is there that the people of Guam are not allowed to vote.   The island in the Pacific also holds the Guam Democratic Territorial Convention for the opposing party, and in 2008 it was a farely close contest between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton with Obama squeezing out a majority by 0.2 %.  There were 4,521 votes recorded and 9 delegates sent to the convention.  The Guam Republican caucuses 2008 saw less votes with only 2,934 votes tallied.  Amazingly, Ron Paul received no votes in that contest with John Mccain and Mike Huckabee taking 60 and 40 percent respectively.  Seems quite odd that Paul was unable to get even one vote in that territory in 2008 and failed again in 2012.

  So it seems Guam is a Democratic-leaning non-state and this is evidence by the House Representative Madeleine Z. Bordallo.  She is a democrat although Guam Governor Eddie Talvo and Lt Governor Ray Tenorio are both Republicans.  Ron Paul, hopefully, won't need a recount after the Gaum Caucus results 2012.  It is interesting that the Guam caucus was moved until after Super Tuesday, many people don't even know Guam exists, much less that their vote actually counts the same amount as two mainland votes from Florida citizens.  Perhaps, pushing it until after Super Tuesday is a way to keep that out of the mainstream, but the truth is already out.

Does Guam Love Ron Paul? R3volution?
Credit: photo by geishabot on Flickr