When it comes to making compost there is now no doubt that the rotating compost bin is by far the best way to make quality compost in a very short space of time. You may be as dubious as I was at just how quickly this can be achieved but there is now no doubt that you can make compost in between two and three weeks with this amazing design.

This article is to convince you that the claims are true and to explain just how the rotating composter can be so efficient when it comes to making super fast compost.

How The Rotating Compost Bin Woks

This should help you understand how the proces works. Don't forget to read some reviews to find out exactly what is the best composter for you to get maximum results.

The rotating compost bin is so good because of the following reasons. Using the rotating composter will give you dramatic results and here is why:

The fact that you are turning the contents on a regular basis via an easy and low energy turning of a handle is at the heart of why it is so efficient. This motion chops up the contents finely which speeds up the composting process.

Added to this, the action will evenly distribute the heat. No hot and cold spots. The heat that is evenly spread means that all the contents degrade and turn in to compost at the same time. It really is amazing the difference that this makes. With a conventional compost heap you would have to turn it by hand which is a backbreaking task and one that I am firmly opposed to.

The design of good rotating compost bins will also incorporate air vents in specifice places. This ensures a good and steady airflow that keeps the contents aerated and breaking down as fast as possible. This is an important design element and will make a dramatic difference.

The fact that they are almost always in dark color makes a surprising difference. Because the contents are fully enclosed the heat that is generated from the sun warming the contents will increase the speed in which the processes inside occur. Even in fairly cold climates it is surprising the difference this makes to the speed of making compost.

These are jsust a few of the reasons why you should switch to the rotating compost bin if you have not already done so.