With the state of the economy in the way it is and the many food scares and concerns over what we eat, more people are returning to growing their own vegetables. This is why the rotating composter has seen such a surge in popularity of late. If we want to maximise the use of our outdoor spaces then we need to improve the quality of our soil to make it as rich as possible.

The rotating composter is one of the best ways to do this as it has now been proven to make high quality compost in two weeks or a little longer. Many people, even when convinced of this, are still loathe to spend the money on a rotating composter. Let me see if I can convince you to take the plunge and purchase a compost tumbler.

Why Buy A Rotating Composter?

Firstly, if you are going to grow vegetables you need very high quality soil for good results. You also need it regularly. This will mean you will grow lots of great vegetables and at little cost. The amount you will save over a year is amazingly high if you can supply part of your needed vegetables for free.

The rotating composter will provide you with amazingly rich compost in a matter of weeks. This means you will always have a steady supply of free compost to ensure you maximise yields. This in itself is reason enough to make the purchase.

This next factor is the one that is the most important. If you are a vegetable grower or a gardener then you know the importance of compost and high quality soils. Think back over the previous year or two. How many bags of compost or potting soil have you purchased. It's quite a few I bet. I have now been exclusively using my own homemade compost as potting soil for years now. You can forget the claims that you need specialised potting soil for the purpose. Home made compost gives exceptional results.

With the rotating composter you will have a steady and FREE supply of compost every few weeks. The prices of them are so low that it will be very surprising if, after less than a year, the composter has not paid for itself and is actually saving you money. Bags of soil or compost, while not expensive, really add up in cost over the course of a year. All gardeners know this but it is the fact that we only buy one or two bags at a time that makes us overlook this fact.

Sit down with a pen and paper and try to make a rough estimate of what you spend on soil each year. Now take a look at the prices of the rotating compost bin. Opens your eyes doesn't it? Using the rotating composter will eliminate this cost totally and you will recoup your money in a very short space of time if you ever have to buy in soil improvers.

Why not just have a conventional compost heap?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with conventional heaps but they have their drawbacks. They do make fantastic compost but the time is so much longer. You will never make good compost with a normal compost heap in under three months. Three weeks sounds a lot better to me.

There is also the problem of animals digging around, not to mention the fact that they attract rodents.

If you want to save money in the long run then I really can't recommend the rotating composter enough.