There are rules, laws, and regulations that govern just about everything we do and I know that I get caught for doing even the slightest infraction of any one of them. It seems that high paid corporate officers and public officials operate under a different set of rules than the average person. Examples of what I am talking about are as follows:

  • Get government bail out money and earn a HUGE BONUS like the banks and mortgage companies without doing anything to help the people who the bailout money was intended to help.
  • Cut corners on construction and lie about the facts to get a high paid corporate transfer with a major bonus (I am sure) like the head of the US BP corporation after a major disaster.
  • Insurance companies want to raise premiums and reduce benefits to their customers even though their CEOs make multiple $Million salaries PLUS stock options and bonuses.
  • Embezzle company funds and get a $28million severance package to just go away quietly like the CEO of HP computers.
  • Automobile executives fly into Washington, DC on their private Leer Jets to ask for money to bail out their companies.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. If you need more proof that the rules are different at the top,  just turn on the news or log onto any internet news source and there will more than likely be another new story about how some poor executive got caught doing something wrong and only got a $Million settlement to just fade away quietly.

We have to do something to change the acceptance of these kind of things that ARE NOT RIGHT We must insist that those that have the power to change things do so. We must hold the people who run and own corporations responsible for what the corporation does. All too often, corporate officers are looking at the bottom line profit and loss reports instead of what is actually being produced by the corporation until enough people get hurt that the media finally picks up on the story to change the public opinion enough that regulatory agencies finally start to investigate. Why aren’t these agencies preventing abuse of the system in the first place? From my experience, it would be much more cost-effective to stop something early than to clean up the mess that will eventually be created. That would never happen, the rules are different at the top and somebody wants to make more money.