What is the Secret to SEO that nobody will tell you?

SEO or search engine optimization is not as complicated as many would like you to believe, in fact it can be done by almost anyone who is willing to experiment and persist. The SEO secret? there is none!

SEO is not Difficult!

It is about taking certain techniques and applying them to your online projects. If you choose to believe it is too difficult for a beginner then you should go online and do a little research, you will find tons of information on search engine optimization tips and guides and I'm warning you now, you will probably be completely overwhelmed and convinced SEO is either too complicated to do yourself or better left to the experts.

If you decide to read on, pay the most attention to the following:

  • There is NO SECRET to SEO
  • Googles Algorithim is not that complicated and it is not that secret either
  • You can do your own SEO and suceed

Thats right, there is no secret to SEO, so why are the above the most common misconceptions of search engine optimization?

Simple, because it is making people money, it is a clever marketing ploy, having people believe the above is making a lot of people money.

This technique of marketing is not isolated to SEO and in fact search engine optimization consultants have a very valid place on the internet today, but not everyone needs to hire a consultant. Any company that provides a service wants potential consumers of that service to believe that it is not only something they need but something that they can get nowhere else and certainly not something they could do themselves, obviously there are exceptions, charities, legal services etc but SEO is not one of them.

There are two ways to make your potential consumers believe this, they are:

  1. Make how your service works a mystery or secret, there dosen't have to be a secret, but tell enough people there is one and it will become known, people will say things like "nobody but the experts know how it is done" etc
  2. Tell your potential consumers everything about how it works, what needs to be done and how to do it, for free, this marketing technique is "information overload" and works brilliantly! As an SEO marketing ploy this beats everything, just think how many times people have said "if this is what they are telling me for free, I wonder what they are not telling me" it makes consumers curious, another way this works is that if you throw all that information at them, there is a good chance they will think they are not able to do it themselves and will hire you to do it for them.

SEO services do have a use though, large companies that do not have time to do their own SEO campaign need to hire a consultant, but for the rest of us, we can do it ourselves and be successful. In fact the majority of work involved in ranking your online project in the search engines is time. It takes time and patience. It is not difficult, On-site optimization techniques are mostly common sense, Off-site is mostly link building (where most of the time is spent) and in fact once your on-site is done, you could get your younger sibling, a neighbour or a college student to work for you building your links, just tell them the where, when and how. It would certainly cost less than hiring a professional.

So remember, the secret to SEO is there is no secret, read this quick guide to SEO for beginners for more information