If you are preparing to write an SES or Senior Executive Service resume, prepare for a challenge. These resumes are often considered one of the most difficult types of resume to create. Of course, if written well, it can lead to an important high ranking job and career success. This resume can lead to some of the most sought after and elite positions in the country and as such your resume must be carefully crafted to show that you are indeed qualified for the honor. They are searching for talented leaders with superior communication skills which are important since you will be interacting directly with top officials in the government. These tips will help you create a stellar SES resume.

Remember, you aren't trying to write a standard resume. As you write your SES resume, you will likely violate every rule you have ever learned about resumes. SES resumes are typically much longer than the standard one page. Bullet points don't have to be short. Make sure you use them to adequately express your qualifications, even if it means including several lines per point. You are a skilled and experienced professional with much more to offer than your college education. Make sure you discuss your qualifications first and include your education near the end of the resume. Illustrate points with hard hitting specific examples that demonstrate your abilities. You want to create an overall picture that highlights your abilities to handle this position.

Your SES resume will likely be the longest resume you have ever created. It should be at least three pages in length, any shorter and you have not adequately explained your qualifications. Since SES positions require individuals with superior experience and abilities, several pages will be required to demonstrate this. It is a good idea to keep your resume around the three page mark. If you have more information that needs to be included, consider attaching a separate document highlighting specific projects to make things easier to read.

An important part of your SES resume is explaining the big things you have done. Over your career you have probably worked with big companies managing a lot of people. List your experiences specifically and don't be afraid to use specific details like names, number of employees, company net worth and more. These specifics help the interviewer to see your potential through your past experience.
A great way to highlight your skills is to use specific before and after examples. If you turned a company that was struggling around and saved them from bankruptcy, explain the situation and the results. This shows that you have the ability to institute positive change which is one thing that the interviewer is looking for. Explain where situations started, what you did and how the situation was resolved.

Stories will be a great tool in your overall resume. Make sure you only use actual, factual experiences and that you do not lie or exaggerate about details. Take some time to flesh out specific stories and to include details that will better illustrate your abilities. They aren't looking to hire just anyone, with these high level positions careful consideration is provided to each resume under consideration.
Sell yourself with specific details. Rather than saying that the company achieved a revenue of 700 million dollars while you worked for them, explain the steps you took to increase the revenue from the previous year.

Showcase your achievements by explaining your ability to help things to grow and change. SES positions require strong leadership that directs changes. You must be able to sell your abilities to institute positive change to be effective in your SES resume.
While the stories you paint and the details you provide are an essential part of your SES resume, you must use these to illustrate the big picture. Explicitly explain how you can affect positive change and lead people to success. Stories should be used as an illustration to your ability to work effectively in a high ranking leadership position.

Finally, make sure you include a separate document illustrating your ECQs or Executive Core Qualifications. These are an essential part of your SES resume and must be included for evaluation. Before submitting your resume, check for additional qualifications such as technical qualifications or professional technical qualifications. It would be a shame to be disqualified simply for neglecting to include all the required items.