The sad truth about your lack of motivation.

And why quitting is never the answer.

It's a common thing for entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and other creative brains. You discover a new phenomenon; an idea, a simple thought or plan grows out into what you then believe is 'The greatest plan ever'. Also fairly witnessed by man when they lose sight of the possible gain of things, for instance, scholars. It seems that motivation and passion have what you may call an experience date, and when a lack of motivation arrives at arrives there is no turning back. I beg to differ.


Let me give you a little example, a little peek into my experience with this.

Day 1: Your creativity drips out of every single pore. Ideas race trough your head like there in fact is no tomorrow, and you want to write them all done before they leave. As soon as you get home from work, you lock yourself into your room and do not want to get out for days. -Which I have to, unfortunately -

You experience most likely a terrifically productive amount of hours: You've done more in these hours of pure motivation and passion.


Day 2: Your on the edge of your seat. Or maybe you are just lying on the floor, it doesn't matter really, because you are taking on this project with both hands and a firm grip.You breath, sleep, and eat the current project you are on, you are still on fire, and want to get all things done today.


After a few more of those hyper-productive days, the creativity and burning desire to get it done (and get it done right) slowly fades away. Now what you used to be crazy passionate about seems dull and sometimes even downright boring to be doing anymore. The sense of opportunity and gold hitting you felt earlier made place for a feeling of chaos, and you often end up asking yourself: What was I thinking? What was I doing? Your inner conversation tells you that your brilliant ideas was just a phase you've gone trough.


Your unfinished plan gets thrown into the basket of 'Silly Ideas', which is an eternal shame. Next thing you know is that the basket of 'silly ideas' stands next to the stack of paper which says 'Hopes and dreams'.


The Truth about a lack of motivation:

Most of this hyper-productive written articles, made paintings or thought of business-plans have a great deal of worth in them. If you just have pushed a little harder, you would now have it completed lying on your desk smiling at you. If you did not waste your time because of your lack of motivation, you would have passed that exam.

Since a lack of motivation is not coupled to individual persona - it affects us all -, it is very wise to do research how to compensate, or counter this effect.


How to fight a lack of motivation:

-Read motivational literature.

Reading successful stories can ignite your spark for the things you are doing again. When you started, you loved it so much, or you loved the possible gain. Do not think Walt Disney did not fight his motivational lows, everybody has down points, the trick is knowing them.


Write down -thoroughly- all the pro's and of the project you want to complete, or the exam you have to pass.

An example: Completing a project. (Painting, song, business-plan, and so forth.)


- Pride: I will get enormously pride when I can show this project to others, or others ask me about it.
- Fame: I will get recognized for this project, which i still think is a good idea.
- Money: I will receive credit for the work that I've done, compensating my hard work.


Now write down all con's, but include a possible solution to fight that con.



- I can't think of anything new, but maybe my friend can help.




Stop your self sabotaging behavior

- I can't do it anymore: This mindset is where a lack of motivation comes primarily comes from, it is this made up bogus that we think of and then accept as truth. Look back,

- I don't know how to begin: Phone experts, phone your friends, go on and research the subject if you don't want to end up regretting you did not.

- I don't have time: You have the same amount of time as all other humans, stop feeding yourself excuses.

- I lost my creativity: I don't know where to begin : Ask a friend to help you. Also: Telling him will help you get motivated once more.


Remember: Leaving your unfinished plans/projects to rest, and slowly decay into nothing more than a 'silly idea', will always turn out to be a regretful decision. People regret the things they did not do in life, more than the things they did do. But you will succeed.