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Futurama is a well-known tv show that is actually pretty entertaining. Its a comedy thats set in the future, but it has some very sad and depressing episodes. These are the two most depressing there have been yet


The Sting

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In this episode the crew of Planet Express has to collect honey from a space bee hive. They nearly escape from the hive and they bring a baby bee on board. The bee stings through Fry and just pokes Leela. The episode show Leela slowly falling into depression and eating the honey to fall asleep because the only place she can see fry is in her dreams. She decides to drink the special honey that they go becuase if she drinks that she will fall asleep forever and get to stay with Fry. When she finally drinks it she wakes up and fry is there. She got all the poison from the bee and fell into a coma. Fry has been sitting there the entire time talking to her and keeping her company. The entire episode Leela was looking for Fry but he was there the entire time waiting for her to wake up.

Jurrasic Bark

Frys dogCredit: http://s716.photobucket.com/user/uncletogie/media/futurama-loyalty.gif.htmlThis episode follows Fry on his quest to get his dog, Seymour, back after he finds his fossilized remains in a 20th century museum. Bender gets jealous and trys to get Frys attention in several different ways like getting a robot dog. When they are about to bring the dog back to life Bender runs in and throws the dog into lava. When he sees how much Fry loved the dog he jumps in the lava to go get it. He barely makes it out alive and when he does he has the dog. They are about to bring it back to life when Fry notices that the dog survived much longer then he thought. He decided to not bring it back to life because he thought the dog wouldn't remember him. The sad part of the episode is at the end when it shows the dog waiting in front of the pizza place that Fry worked at. He was waiting for Fry, but Fry never came back.

Honorable Mention- Lethal Inspection

Inspector 5Credit: www.funnyjunk.comThis one isn't very depressing or sad but it deserves an honorable mention because of the ending. I couldn't find a video of it but if you have Netflix you can find and watch it. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed it.

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