Did you ever experience this? You drive your car into the garage after a rainstorm, the water is dripping off it all over. As you get out of the car door, you innocently step in a puddle of water that happens to be resting on an old oil leak and without any warning your feet slip out from underneath you. If you have good luck on your side, you can manage to hold the door before you fall and hit the car or the hard concrete floor.
If you don't want this happening again, then you should apply a garage floor coating as soon as you have the opportunity. If you slip and fall you could easily break a leg, arm, or hip. You could also, even worse, end up with a concussion or brain injury. That would certainly change your life for the worse.
Given your limited knowledge about paints, it would probably never occur to your mind that paint on the floor can help in preventing any slipping incidents at all because paints tend to become a hard and smooth surface once dried. Well, this is true. But, in order to have safety with the help of floor paint, you can spread out a non-slip additive on top of the rolled out paint product before it dries completely. There are two chief types of additives that you can utilize for this purpose. The first type is the industrial grit. Some people assume that it is fine to use sea sand but, actually, it's not. Sea sand contains a very high level of salt which can damage your floor. Also, industrial grit is usually a man-made product so it's much more aggressive.
The second choice, which is more favorable and more popular, is to use color flecks which should be spread out. They are also man-made materials and they are designed to increase the appeal of the flooring by mixing with the standard color of your choice for the paint. It is something like a trim on your garage. You pick the base color of your garage floor paint and then you choose paint fleck additives that accentuate the paint. This makes the floor have real depth and you can even choose a color that complements the color of the walls or match it to the color of your beloved car if that's what you want.
The fact is, applying a garage floor coating can go a long way toward making your garage safer. Many people don't realize it but the garage has one of the highest incidents of slips and falls in the home after the bathroom and kitchen.