Portable Blu-ray Players

The Blu-ray format is taking over the spot DVD held for such a long time and isn't looking back. After defeating the HD DVD format from Toshiba, Blu-ray players have decreased in price yet have increased in features. You can now find portable Blu-ray players with InternetTV capabilities, allow you to view 3D content on a 3DTV and give you the ability to stream digital content from your PC. These devices also play any DVD movies you have stored in your movie collection to help you with the Blu-ray transition. The Samson's BD-C8000 is one of those players with all the above features and will keep you entertained on business trips or various excursions to remote locations. This is a highly reviewed product on Amazon and here I'll explain a few specifications that you might not know as well as some of the downsides.

samsung bd-c8000Credit: amazon


Again, as far as compatibility, it'll play pretty much all your older generation formats (DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, CD, CD-R/RW) and it'll even play various BD formats like BD-R/RE. This product is a DivX Certified device as well so you can just download your DivX purchased Hollywood films and view them on an HDTV via an HDMI. You can use this device as a dedicated Blu-ray player at home and connect it to a compatible 3D TV for extra enjoyment. The Samsung BD-C8000 is Internet ready allowing you to download apps for your HDTV, you can also stream content from your PC onto your portable Blu-ray player. The AllShare feature allows you to do that and enjoy any digital file on your computer with your Blu-ray player. And a 10.3 inch screen makes it so you won't be missing out on anything while away.

Internet Features

If you have a Netflix account, you can watch instantly your favorite movies on the Internet capable device. One reviewer noted that you could save tons of money viewing your Netflix movies on a TV in your hotel room as opposed to purchasing the films and adding them to your bill. You can also enjoy other websites like Facebook, Youtube, Hulu and Flickr thanks to its wireless capabilities. A 1024x600 screen resolution and a 3 hour battery life isn't bad either if reclining on the deck for a bit of fresh air and entertainment. And if you happen to have a drive with tons of digital content you can view it on this device thanks to the 1GB of built-in memory installed. It also works like a portable DVD player with USB with you being able to insert a flash drive to play your DivX downloaded movies.


Some of the issues with this device is that it may be a little heavy at 7 pounds. And although it comes with a carrying case, you might not want to carry it around in addition to any other luggage if you consider yourself a lightweight. Also, the touch sensitive playback buttons have caused a bit of frustration as the slightest touch can have your movie restarting from the beginning, but it comes with a remote control which is preferred over the playback buttons on the device itself. Another issue might be the price, but with the added features it's probably as expected. Luckily, it has been reduced so it's not as bad as when it was first released. The ability to watch Netflix movies anywhere kind of makes it all worth it for some.

Stay Current

There'll definitely be more portable Blu-ray players out on the market if this one doesn't quite fit your tastes. Philips has a portable Dual Screen Blu-ray Player so the whole family can enjoy superior picture quality and sound while on the road. Whether or not you still have a large DVD collection, purchasing a portable Blu-ray player will still end up being a wise investment as they will play all previous formats (except HD DVD), and will still keep you in the present.