After researching about mobilephones in order to write an article. I found out a lot of user comments about the mobilephones, a lot of them are really useful information. It's a customer feedback thus it helps future customers choose the phone they want. Also, I haven't found an article which talks about a specific mobilephone's features and puts all (or most of it) the pros and cons and some of the answers to common problems.

Samsung BeatSo here I'm going to write a tips and tricks guide about the Samsung M3510 Beat. The phone is quite popular and a lot of users are having trouble with it or doesn't know the how to's of the phone. So, I made one and so here is

The Samsung M3510 Helpful Tips

To Find Out if it has good quality
– Battery cover should be very hard to open.
– Volume is low
– on the back, under the battery: it says "made by samsung" or "made in China by Samsung". Some users said that if it says "made in china" it's probably bad.

Cover/Casing Designs
The Samsung M3510 mobilephone currently has a red/black, yellow/black, white/gold and purple/black color casings. Personally, I like the original black and gold.

The cover can be opened easier if you use a rubber glove or anything that has good friction.

Sad to say, it doesn't support themes. You CAN install a theme from other phones BUT it will cause the phone to lag a lot. I don't think you would want that.

The Samsung M3510 Beat only supports up to 4MB. That means it's only limited to 4MB applications and games.. max.

The phone can only save up to 300 SMS's. You have to transfer the files to you PC or Mac or any other storage device or you'll have to delete unnecessary messages.

The phone HAS a "sent box", it's just that you have to pick "save and send" option when sending you messages to see them on the "sent box". There is no automatic save option.

A lot of people have a problem with songs not able to play or that it will only play the same tracks... I think the problem is with the bit rate. The easiest way to make them work is have a working music file and find out its bit rate then convert all the others into that rate.

The Samsung M3510 Beat does support 8BG MicroSD memory Card and it doesn't lag... well, only a bit.

The Shake control isn't very responsive but still depends on the quality of the phone you got. The Dedicated Music Keys doesn't work if you lock the keypads...

Playing a video is quite tricky on this mobilephone. There are also a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. Well you see, the Samsung M3510 Beat has a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels BUT it can only play video files with 176x144 max resolution. Also, it only plays 3gp and mp4 video files.

You can install Opera Mini if you don't like the pre-installed WAP browser.

Well, that's it for now. If you want more you can visit this Samsung M3510 Beat mobilephone hub. The comments are really helpful which is also where I got some of the tips.