LCD Screen Refrigerator

Technologically Enhanced

    Some of you may remember the commercials for the LG refrigerator that had a television built into it. That model has since been discontinued. The guys over at Samsung, however, took a page from the guys at LG and built a refrigerator with a WiFi-enabled 8” LCD digital display screen built in with apps. This high-tech 4-door refrigerator is 28 or 30 cubic feet and comes with nine different special apps that are there to make organizing your food and family easier.

    Most of these apps are pretty cool and can be very handy. One lets you check the weather before you head out the door, another plays Pandora radio for soothing music during dinner, and another lets you look up a ton of different recipes online. If you’ve ever wanted to tweet from your refrigerator, it lets you do that too! Don’t get the newspaper? You can check the news right from your fridge, along with any events you have going on for the day with the calendar app. The other three let you leave notes and create a shopping list, view digital images via a Picasa page, and manually change the settings on your Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerator

The Hardware

    Apart from these cool features, the refrigerator itself is also of high quality. Garnering rave reviews, it’s designed to maximize space within the fridge, and comes with a sleek design. Even the ice maker comes with extra storage for ice. Another cool design is the FlexZone Drawer that this Samsung refrigerator has. It separates the drawer into four different compartments that let you assign a different temperature for each compartment! You can see how this could come in handy. Other additional features include Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus System which keeps food fresher for a longer period of time, and the fridge’s Energy Star rating, which will save you money and conserve energy.

Refrigerator Drawer

    If you’re looking for an upgrade, this Samsung refrigerator will cost you $3,699 retail price. It may seem a bit pricey, but how many of your friends will be able to manage their twitter account from their refrigerator like you?