Taking a vacation to an island resort can be an incredibly relaxing experience.

For my wife, Julie, and I, going to Sandal's Whitehouse Resort, in Jamaica, was a welcome honeymoon respite after the conclusion of all our exhausting wedding festivities. For us, being isolated from the rest of the world, in a new world full of pampering, was a great feeling and experience.

This is why Jamaica is such a popular vacation destination. There are so many different resorts to choose from, and the scenery is beautiful no matter where you go. However, one of the best resorts to visit is definitely the one we had visited: the Sandals Whitehouse Resort. This resort is beautiful, comfortable and is perfect for any trip, whether you are going there for a simple vacation or, like us, your honeymoon. It really accentuates the entire mood and feeling of pure pampering. Between the beautiful rooms, the copious amounts of activities and the fantastic dining, the Whitehouse is a great place to stay. Here are some of the top reasons to stay at the beautiful Sandals Whitehouse Resort.

The Rooms

While the goal of a trip to the Caribbean may be to see the ocean and the sights, you will spend a lot of time in your room. Whether it's time spent sleeping, or just relaxing after a long day; having a nice room is a very important aspect to an expensive trip. Many resorts have amazing on site attractions, but the rooms leave much to be desired. The Sandals Whitehouse Resort does not run into this problem. The rooms at the Whitehouse are beautiful, and they make you feel like you are in your own home.

The rooms at the Whitehouse come with an incredibly comfortable King-sized bed, a flat screen hi-def tv, a desk, a small seating area and a walkout balcony. This means that all of the time you spend in the room will leave you feeling incredibly refreshed and fulfilled. If you need to get a bit of work done before dinner, you have a desk to work from; which is something that most rooms neglect. Furthermore, the TV has a crystal clear picture which is great for unwinding after a long day of adventure.

The Attractions

When on a beach trip, you don't want to spend the entire time in your room (no matter how beautiful said room is). While visiting the beach itself, and soaking up some rays is fun, there is much more to see in these exotic locations. The Whitehouse has many attractions to occupy your time, and make sure you have. There are activities for everybody, ranging from water sports to scuba diving to indoor activities. Regardless of what you enjoy, there is always an activity for you partake in.

Some people don't enjoy the water. However, this does not mean that they should avoid a Carribean vacation. Many resorts have great on land attractions, and the Whitehouse is no exception. In addition to a full gym and a spa, the Whitehouse has many different sporting facilities, allowing you to play whatever sport you love in this exotic location.

For those who enjoy water-based activities, the Whitehouse has amazing water-centric attractions. In addition to the various pools and jacuzzis to choose from, they offer water sports and scuba diving. Scuba diving in the Caribbean is a unique experience. The water is crystal clear and filled with beautiful and vibrant aquatic life. Scuba diving at the Whitehouse is a truly unique experience that everybody should experience.

The Dining

Either before your day's adventure begins, or after it has concluded; it is very important to eat a full meal. The Whitehouse has amazing dining facilities to choose from, and the variety will let you eat at a different place each evening. This is something that a lot of resorts lack. Often there are only a few options to choose from, which will leave the guests tired of the food by the time they have left.

For those seeking a bit of genuine Italian cuisine, Giuseppes is the place to go. Not everybody is looking to sample the exotic flavors associated with resorts; and they would prefer something more traditional and familiar. Giuseppes is the place to go for this familiar dining experience. It has an atmosphere like a small Italian restaurant that you would find in your home town. With excellent chefs, you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

However, some people are looking for something a bit more exotic to choose from. For those who want traditional Caribbean food, Eleanor's is the place to go. Eleanor's has a very old style feel to it, and it serves very traditional Caribbean cuisine. Additionally, Eleanor's enforces a dress code, which will give your night out that sense of elegance. The delicious food, coupled with the old time decour and the elegant dress code makes dining at Eleanor's part of a true high class night. Eleanor's is the perfect place to take that special somebody on your romantic getaway.

Those who are searching for something from the heart of Jamaica, Bluefields Beach Club is the place to go. While they may only serve lunch, they are a traditional Jamaican restaurant with authentic cuisine. They are also the only restaurant at the Whitehouse that doesn't enforce any sort of attire, which is perfect for those who are just heading in from the water.

In addition to these restaurants, there are many bars that are just by the poolside. This means that you can have a nice party while enjoying the open air of Jamaica and the beautiful pools of the Whitehouse. You can keep your buzz going without having to get out of the great pools or leave your comfortable poolside seat.

There are many different options when choosing a Caribbean resort. However the Sandals Whitehouse Resort in Jamaica is the best out of all of them. It is very unique and has a sense of elegance to it. With the five star dining, giant list of activities, and beautiful rooms, the Whitehouse is a perfect getaway from the stresses of everyday life. Every moment you spend at the Whitehouse will help you melt all of that stress away and reach a state of pure relaxation. While there may be other choices for resorts in Jamaica, there is really no better option than the Sandals Whitehouse Resort. It has everything you could ever want in a resort, and more!