Fragrances are designed to work with the smell of a woman's own body. Since fragrances are so vast and the same fragrance can smell different on different women, you may feel a bit intimidated when trying to find your perfect scent. Working with what smells are attractive to you and what scents you've received compliments on in the past, can be a great starting point for you to select your new fragrance. Stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue are great places to go to test a scent before you actually commit to one.

Notes to Consider

To start, it's great to understand the true essence of the scents you love, you can choose your fragrance that way. For instance if you love fragrances with a note of freshness, you have several different options within that category. You can choose a citrus scent, a scent with a hint of green or a scent that reminds you of water. You may also like the option to choose scents of a lady that have a floral note, an oriental note or a woody scent. Under each of these parent scents, there are several options as well. Again, knowing the essence or basic smell of the scents you love will help you verbalize what you're looking for when you begin shopping for your new fragrance.

Designer Names

If you are a designer fragrance buff; you can surely choose your "Scent of a Lady" that way. For instance many women have developed a loyalty to the fragrances of certain designers like: Cartier, Dior and Marc Jacobs. Many feel that no matter what type of fragrance these designers produce, they will love it. Perception is reality for these fragrance lovers and their scent of a women are always in line with the trends. However, if this is your style of choosing a fragrance you can still select what form of your scent you'd like. For example, for the most potent fragrance, you would choose the solid perfume. There's also the Eau de Parfum, which is a bit lighter. From there you can choose scents in descending order of aroma: Eau de Toilette, Purse Spray, Bath and Shower scents and Moisturizers. Of course layering your chosen fragrance with a lighter version of the same scent is the best way to enjoy your scent of a lady throughout the day. Lotions and spritzers a great choices for refreshing your scent mid-day. Once you find your perfect scent, make sure to look for the gift sets of that fragrance at Saks as well.

A scent can truly define a woman. When you walk into a room or leave you are filling the air with a smell that will be associated with you and your persona. Therefore choose your "Scent of a Lady" with care and make sure to ask a close friend or partner how the scent smells on your before making your purchase.