One of the best selling keyless door locks for sale today is the Camelot keypad deadbolt by Schlage. This isn’t the cheapest deadbolt on the market by any means nor is it the absolute bets but it is probably one of the best keyless door locks you can buy for such a reasonable price.

On Amazon you can clearly see that lot of people have purchased this deadbolt and without any question it is one of the highest ranking door locks in terms of customer reviews.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt LocksThe Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt has a bunch of benefits over it’s rivals. What I particularly like about the Camelot deadbolt is that it is affordable without sacrificing quality. Many cheap keypad deadbolts are made of lower end materials which offset the higher price that a mechanical and electrical deadbolt door lock commands. This is fine except when the quality of the lock declines to the point where they malfunction prematurely.

The Schelage BE365VCAM716 is built of higher quality materials than the cheaper systems so it doesn’t feel like it will break and based on the reviews of many people there are very few complaints about the quality of this lock set.

Now there are even better keyless entry deadbolts you can buy but they are more expensive. You pay for those extra features and in my opinion the average family simply doesn’t need them. When’s the last time you thought a thumbpad entry system was necessary - probably never.

Expensive units will have wireless entry, possibly remote entry, and they could have features like fingerprint pads or biometric screening but really the only feature than may be worth paying for is a higher end lock which is better able to thwart lock picking or bumping.

As it stands the Schlage Camelot door lock set is not anything special when it comes to security. It’s no more or less secure than your typically deadbolt system. What you get in the price is the added functionality of a keyless entry and a mechanical and electrical system that is not likely to fail unexpectedly.

It does offer some excellent features like automatic disabling when the code is input incorrectly multiple times in a row and multiple code programming. In my opinion these are the only two “fancy” features you need. For more you can see this post on the benefits of buying a keypad deadbolt.

The Camelot can be found at many stores for full retail price of $238 but it sells for far less than that on Amazon. At last check this was posted for almost half off the retail price.

If you are on the fence on this one consider your alternatives. For keyless entry it’s tough to get a better value unless you drop down to a traditional key only door lock.