The Science of Getting Rich was written by Wallace D. Wattles. This book, which was written just over 100 years ago, talks about a scientific way to get rich. Although the book is rather short (about 100 pages), the author was able to clearly and harmoniously explained how science has the solution to help us achieve great things in our lives.

The was the very book that Miss Rhonda Bryne claimed that has changed her life. She was so inspired after reading this book which eventually motivated her to create The Secret movie and book. The Secret was a phenomenal best seller which discuss extensively about the Law of Attraction, the exact theme that The Science of Getting Rich was based on.

Perhaps the most important chapter in The Science of Getting Rich is about the Attitude of Gratitude.

The closer we are to the source of wealth, the more wealth we will receive. Thus, the more  grateful we are in setting our minds to the Supreme when good things come to us, the faster we will get what we desire. The reason is simply because the mental attitude of our gratitude is in line with the mind of which the source of wealth derives.

It sounds like a new-age idea that the attitude of being grateful can bring your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Universe. But this is true.

The good things that you experienced have happened because they have obeyed certain laws. Feelings of Gratitude shape your mind into how things will come about. This feeling keeps you in harmony with your creative thoughts. At the same time, it prevents you from falling into competitive thoughts.

Gratitude stretches your horizon. It clears the delimiting notion that resources are scarce and supplies are limited.

This Law of Gratitude, which is a Success Law closely related to the Law of Attraction, helps you to achieve the results you expect if you practise it diligently.

The feelings of gratitude that you impress upon the thinking stuff is powerful. With this action, you will not fail to reach for what you desire. The reaction is an instantaneous drawing of the desired results towards you.

If your feelings of gratitude are strong and consistent, the formless substance will also carry the same momentum to always bring the good things to you. You cannot exercise much power without gratitude, for it is gratitude that keeps you connected with Source.

But the value of feeling gratitude does not consist solely of getting what you want. Without feeling grateful, you may resort to feeling unsatisfied with whatever that you possess today.

The moment you let your mind sink into the despair of the way things are, you begin to lose ground.

When you put your attention on the ordinary, the poor, the squalid and the bad, your mind takes in the form of these things. Eventually, the common, the poor, the squalid and evil will become parallel with your life.

Allow your mind to dwell in inferiority is to become inferior and to surround yourself with inferior things.

On the other hand, notice what is best around you. Surround yourself with the best, and be the best. We are the thinking substance too, and the thinking substance always takes the form of what we think.

Incidentally, the grateful mind is always focused on the best. Therefore we tend to become the best.

It takes the form or character of the best, and attracts the best.

The grateful mind is always expecting good things to come. Hopes become faith. The reaction of our gratitude attitude produces faith. Every thanks and appreciation that we express increase our faith. The person who has no feelings of gratitude cannot keep the faith, and without faith you cannot be abundant with the natural creative flow.

The Science of Getting Rich has more insights to offer besides inculcating the value of gratefulness. It is definitely a classic worth reading if you want to harness the power of the thinking stuff (your higher consciousness) to transform your life for the better.