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The following is a compilation of the author’s personal insights and perspectives on the subject. It is not intended to engender emotional responses or arguments about this issue. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you agree with the information presented and then, if applicable, take responsibility for your part in it. Perhaps together we can eradicate this blight, once and for all, from our collective psyche.

When people use the term racial integration today, it’s difficult to understand it’s meaning and it doesn’t make sense because there’s no way to integrate racism nor is there any way to segregate racism. It’s a phrase whose origin is uncertain, as well, but they’re a poor choice of words and words are very important. If you use the term racial integration for vehicles of communication, they don’t communicate very much. What is an integrated Black person in light of racial integration? Is the Black person integrated when he or she is standing three feet from a white person? Or is it seven feet? Or is it 30 yards? Or is it 50 miles? Or is it two inches? What qualifies you to be an integrated Black person? When are you integrated? How can you quantify it? Every concept is razor sharp when it comes to racism which means you have to define everything that you say and everything that you say has to make absolute sense.

Something as intricate and exact and as functional as racism couldn’t exist if it wasn’t an exact science, which means the words have to apply. But the words thrown about by white supremacists themselves are designed to confuse the victims. These are the confusing terms I heard throughout my life and I was confused. If you’re  describing racial segregation, meaning Black people and white people are not in contact with each other, I never knew a time when that wasn’t so. Black people and white people have always been in contact with each other. Otherwise, how could we have a racial system based on slavery. What we're talking about here, basically, is a power relationship and we should use terms that explain that relationship: white supremacy. Not racial segregation, not racial integration, but an entire system of white supremacy.

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Defining Terms

Once you effectively define this term, you’ll understand that is what’s always been in place since it was first put in place. The system of white supremacy worldwide is the phraseology that should be used. This eliminates a ton of words that are confusing. Racial integration and racial segregation are two terms that are rarely used anymore because they were confusing from the very beginning of their inception. Since there’s a system of white supremacy in place, what we want to do, or what we should want to do, is replace the system of white supremacy with the system of justice. The system of justice has never existed as far as anyone knows in recorded history because it needs to be defined. 

I’ve been informed by all the legal scholars consulted in researching this article that there’s no legal definition for the word justice. Maybe some legal scholars can say there is, but the ones I’ve consulted say there isn’t. So, it’s given a compensatory definition, meaning, it’s making up for what’s missing. What is missing, more than anything else among people, is justice. The word must have a definition that makes sense, such as balance between people. It sounds catchy, however that definition doesn’t explain anything in detail. A more accurate definition for the compensatory system of justice is:

1.  The guarantee that no person is mistreated.

2. The guarantee that the person that needs help the most gets the most help.

These two points include all nine areas of activity and they must be guaranteed every minute of every day in regards to everyone simultaneously. It’s never been done, it's just a concept because you're talking about nine areas of activity pertaining to every individual no matter where they are on the planet. It may seem impossible to accomplish by those who don't think the world is unbalanced in their favor. I believe it's no more difficult than whites implementing the system of oppression non-whites have lived under for centuries. The opposite of this oppressive delusion can be implemented just as easily, as well. The nine areas of activity include economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, and war. All nine of these activities are interactive. What's done in one area in regards to justice  affects the other areas.

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What It All Boils Down To...

These are just labels for what people do because everything in the universe boils down to saying and doing. Out of a billion things to do at any given moment, every person on the planet should try to do the best possible thing that anyone could ever do in that same situation. Out of a zillion things to say in any given situation, on the job or anywhere else, a person should want to say the best possible thing that anyone could ever say in that same situation.

If everyone enters into every situation with that in mind it gives them focus, which is what white supremacists never want their victims to have. It’s the reason why Black people, even today, are some of the most confused people on earth because the system of racism is designed to keep them endlessly confused. They might be animated and involved in lots of activity, but they often have no focus with maximum confusion. It’s tailor made for people who have orchestrated or who have a code for getting and keeping power, and that is, keeping their victims confused.  

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Having said that, here’s an illustration. Let’s say ten people are in a room. The person who is most focused and less confused out of the ten people, will have control over the other nine persons in the room. If there’s nine people in a room confused about what they are there for, what they’re supposed to be doing, and why they’re doing it, the one person who know’s what’s going on, will dominate the other nine people. It’s simply kindergarten logic. The key to this logic is putting a face on the words. Initially, when you do anything that calls for wording whether it’s a concept or an idea, you try to structure it in such a way that will lead you to the truth. That means you must pay attention to all the words.

What white supremacists do, or what any person does who is anti-justice will do, is try to stay away from what the truth of the matter is as far as the victims are concerned because these victims will be manipulated into dealing in falsehoods. White supremacists know what the truth is but they will use the truth in such a way where they can convey falsehoods so that their intended targets will be confused. The whole idea is to sow confusion so that the people who are being victimized are always and forever unfocused, walking around bumping into each other, not knowing what to do about anything or how to figure out what’s up, forever asking the question, “What’s going on, what’s happening?”, and not having an answer.

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