What are Gunnars Gaming Glasses?

Gunnars is a brand that makes high tech eyeglasses for heavy computer users and gamers.  These glasses are not only made to protect your vision but they also enhance and optimize the way you view on screen media.

 If you spend a lot of time online, gaming, on your smart phone, iPad, internet tablet, or watching TV- chances are you are slowly subjecting your eyes to a bit of damage.  You may have even noticed the effects of this really intense glare and light on your eyes.  The effects of what is called “visual stress” include blurry vision, dry eye, irritated eyes, and even headaches.  

 Gunnars has created a really simple solution to this high levels of stress and fatigue that staring at a digital screen can create.  These glasses are made with a technology called iAMP lenses, which are specifically tuned to decrease visual stress and optimize your vision for digital use.

The Problem with Long Term Digital Viewing

Your eyes just weren’t made for looking at a screen all day long.  While it is not yet known whether there are any long-term side effects of staring at a screen for hours on end… many people have experienced the negative short-term side effects.  Eventually, you will lose focus and be less alert because of the bothersome changes to your vision.

The Key Benefits of Gunnars Gaming Glasses

-       An immediate decrease in eye fatigue: Almost immediately you will be able to experience a reduction in the amount of visual stress symptoms such as dry, tired eyes.

-       Sharper On Screen Detail:  The glasses are made to enhance your on screen vision so that you will see clearer

-       Better focus: This means that your eyes will endure less strain because they will be focusing more naturally

-       Available in Prescription: If you wear glasses or contacts, you can buy Gunnars gaming glasses in corrected lenses specific to your prescription

-       Glare reduction: Easier viewing, no more annoying glare

-       Tinted: The amber tinted lenses are specifically made to shift the digital color spectrum so that what you see is truer, with better resolution, detail, and contrast

So How Exactly Do These Gunnars Glasses Work?

There is a bit of technology that goes into making these glasses optimal for on screen viewing.  One of the major contributing factors to eye fatigue is that intense and long digital viewing sessions dramatically decreases the amount you blink.  When you blink naturally, tears form over your eyes, which protect them, keeping them coated and comfortable.  Less blinking means less protection and increased dry eye and exposure.  Gunnars glasses use lenses that wrap around the face very closely which now act as a second barrier to the environment and air currents that can dry and irritate your eyes. 

 The lens geometry is also important because it determines how light is focused as it enters into your eyes.  Gunnars lenses allow your eye muscles to relax; you’ll feel comfortable staring at a screen for much longer. 

How Are Gunnars Gaming Glasses Different From Other Brands?

Quality is one of the biggest differences when comparing Gunnars glasses to other brands.  Gunnars lenses employ a material known as DIAMIX, which is more durable and resistant to impact which providing the best color and clarity control.  These lenses are crystal clear and don’t require an “acclimation” period for you to get used to seeing through them like some other brands of digital viewing glasses.  Gunnars lenses give you a lightweight lens, with the best clarity, and distortion free use.

Who are Gunnars Gaming Glasses For?

These digital viewing glasses are perfect for gamers, coders, bloggers, graphic designers, IT techs, video editors, and anyone else who is a heavy computer user.

Gunnars glasses can be bought online at Amazon.com.

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