Although the history of open source software can be traced back to early 1980s, the real advancement in the open source movement and the software based on it was boosted by Google. Google’s latest contribution in this regard happens to be Android OS for mobile devices. With the passage of time, Android community has established a distinguished mark within the open source community and with the increasing fame of Android, the community of Android followers is also considerably expanding.

Broadly speaking, we can include those people within the community who either use Android on their mobile devices, or happen to be Android app developers or are just fans of Android. The number of these people is in millions and this number is increasing at an impressive pace.

Ever since the advancement of Android by Google in 2007, the pace at which people have followed this open source software is constantly increasing. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any distinction of common people and developers and Android seems to be equally popular among all. From the perspective of developers, Android is famous since it is open source and its open source nature allows the developers to indulge in the process of software development freely and without any closed restrictions that are imposed in other platforms such as iOS.

Android officially maintains an online community which can be considered a gathering or forum of the people who use or develop Android. This online place allows the Android fans to discuss their problems, present their ideas and seek help and guidance in the development process.

The community is divided into various groups and a single user can join any group of his or her choice. A user can also join multiple groups to benefit from the discussion of people from various levels of technical information. Most importantly, a large group of the Android community has been dedicated to the developers since freelance developers form a major portion of Android community.

Due to the open source nature of Android, third party freelance developers especially the youngsters have been constantly joining the Android based community. Previous discussions that have taken place in these forums are achieved for future reference and any person who is new to this community can search for old discussions any time.

Users in the community can also subscribe to various lists which have been dedicated to separate fields accordingly. For example, some of the lists include Android platform which is dedicated to open source project and platform technologies, Android building dedicated for discussions and help on Android source code, Android porting which provides help to those who want to port Android on their devices and Android Contribution. which is specifically for those users who want to contribute in the Android code.

So the bottom line is that, the community that Android has provided efficiently collects like minded people on one platform and gives them proper channels to express themselves and provides them with all the necessary help and guidance. With the expansion of Android, the community based on it would also expand and this would certainly be useful for people lacking resources since the aim of the open source community is to bring forward those people who have talent but lack the resource to showcase that talent.