The Florida Institute of Technology has The Scott Center for Autism Treatment to help those with a condition on the autism spectrum and their families. Located in Melbourne, Florida they help families in Brevard, Indian River, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Volusia counties in Florida.

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The Scott Center for Autism Treatment offers three main areas of help to those with autism and related disorders and their families. Each of these is important for the future and can make a great deal of difference in the lives of those they help.

●     The first thing that The Scoot Center for Autism Treatment has to offer is service. They help assess children and offer treatment options for those diagnosed with autism. Treatments include functional behavior assessment and intervention as well as life-skills training, and help with social skills. They also provide help, support, and training for families.

●     In addition to offering assessments and treatments they also train professionals, providing a top of the line education to those who will work with autistic children and young adults.

●     Finally, the Scott Center for Autism Treatment does research to findLeapFrog Text And Learn-Autism Educational ToysCredit: the best treatments possible, to help with earlier detection, and to try and improve the lives of those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Saying that they provide assessments and treatments is scratching the surface of what the Scott Center for Autism Treatment really has to offer. They use scientifically proven methods to assess those that may have autism spectrum disorders and to treat those that are already diagnosed. These include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) which teaches through praise and guidance. A variety of clinical services are also used with ABA to provide the best treatment possible as well as to help caregivers. The Scott Center for Autism Treatment also uses social skills groups and functional behavioral assessment to provide better life and social skills to those with autism spectrum disorders. Most of their programs target children under 14, but some exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

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Parents, teachers, professionals, and other caregivers can receive training at The Scott Center. Each month a free workshop is offered for two and a half hours. Additional workshops are occasionally offered. Each workshop is based on a specific theme and held from 6:30 to 8 pm on the last Wednesday of the month.


Treatment for autism has come a long way because of research. The Scott Center continues to do research that will help those with autistic spectrum disorders in the future. Their current goals include finding effective ways to handle noncompliance. The money is used to expand programs and to do research. They can use any money you can donate, even if it is only a few dollars.

The Process

In order for your child to receive services at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment you will need to follow these steps.

1.    You should have a doctor recommendation. Many doctors will easily give this recommendation if your child is diagnosed with a disorder on the Autism spectrum. If he or she doesn’t have that diagnosis yet it may take a little more work, but The Scott Center can help.

2.    You may be required to fill out an application. Your child will then be evaluated for the program you are trying to get them involved in.

3.    For some of their programs there is a waiting list. If the program you are trying to get into is full then you will have to wait until the program opens up. They only ever take patients if there are enough staff members. This makes them one of the best, but can lead to a short wait on certain programs.

 Who Works With The Children

In some programs a few hours of training is all that is needed in order to work with children with autism. At The Scott Center college students majoring in applied behavior analysis and psychology administer the treatment. Both undergrad students and graduate students will do the work, however each student is supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analysts with a doctoral degree.


You can give donations to the Scott Center for Autism Treatment to help out with their programs and research. This can be a great help to families with children and young adults who are diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder, both directly and indirectly. They have a location online where you can donate, you can donate by mail, or you can call their office during regular business hours to donate that way.

The Scott Center for Autism Treatment is doing great things in the Florida area. They offer service, training, and research for those with autistic spectrum disorders, their families, and those who work with them. They can be a great help your life as well as they have in others before you.