SeaGate GoFlex 1TB,2TB, 3TB Hard-drive

SeaGate GoFlex 3TB hard DriveCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon

Seagate Goflex family of Hard-drives Review.

The Seagate family of hard drives.  When it comes to hard drives the Seagate name stands out amongst its peers.  None of the other hard drive manufacturing companies quite have the hard won positive reputation of this industry leader.  For many years Seagate is dominant industry by producing quality storage devices at affordable prices.  They mainly done this great feat through customer brand loyalty.  once people by one of their products they do not want to ever buy another company's product. They're that good.

The SeaGate Goflex Hard-Drive Review

Seagate go flex family is the current industry giants newest collection of hard drives.  This series of hard drives covers every want a person could have for their hard drives.

Portability:  With the GoFlex FreeAgent series they have addressed the idea of portable hard drives.  These drives come in 320 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB versions.  They are not much bigger than a deck of cards yet are still extremely reliable, rugged and come with all the standard Seagate hard drive options that all other versions of their famous hard drives have (more on that in a bit).

GoFlex Pro HD:    This popular version is a bridge between the small and portable versions and the larger less portable "external hard-disk" storage devices.  They tend to be a little bit less expensive than similarly storage spaced devices in the more portable part of the "drive family".

GoFlex External Harddrive:  These drives are the size kings.  They have enormous capacity for storage.  They can be used for complete media libraries, complete backups and so much more.  These drives are "external" not "portable" but that does not exclude them from movement.  They are sigificantly larger than a large paperback book.  They are not partularly heavy, so they can be moved around with easy, but are not designed for the extreme portability that the FreeAgent slim models are designed with.  These larger versions come in 3 TB, 2 TB and 1TB models.

GoFlex Home Harddrive: These drives have all the same size and functionality benefits of the "External" group above, with one added benefit.  Home wireless service.  This external hard drive can be connected wirelessy to your router and then ALL the computer devices in your household can back-up and save to this device remotely.  It is "cloud" computing in your own home. 

This amazing drive lets all of the computer in your house become one.  It is truly the power behind real true, "Home Networking".  Not only is it relaibel and spacious, the whole process is still incredibly safe and easy.


A Note on Hard-Disk Size:

For those unfamiliar with hard disk size let me throw some numbers at you.

500Gb: 8,000 Hours of music 160,000 Photos, 500 hours of Video, 125 hours of HD movies

1TB:  16,000 hours of music, 320,000 Photos, 1,000 hours of video, 250 HD movies

3TB: Nearly 50,000 hours of music, 1 Million Photos, 3,ooo hours of Video, 750 Hours of HD video

As you can see, these spacious and reliable hard drives can hold a lot of your media files forever in addition to being used as a steady source of backup.  As more and more of our lives go online the need for quality, reliable storage becomes greater.


5  Things that come standard in all  Seagate GoFlex Hard-Drives models

1) Connection Options

The "wireless" option connects wirelessly, but the rest of the external hard drives need a way to connect.  For some people the only way to connect an external device is through a USB 2.o device.  That is fine, all of these devices come with standard USB 2.0.  But they also come with options for better types of connections if your computer has the capability.

  • FireWire: 2Times faster than USB 2.0
  • eSata: SIX times faster than USB 2.o
  • USB 3.0:  An amazing 10 times faster than USB 2.0

2) Plug and Play

3)  Automated Backup software

4) Compatable with both PC and Macintosh.  Without need of reformatting data between the two.

5) Quality:  SeaGate isn't just a "type" of quality when it comes to hard drives, they are simply the working definitin of true quality.  Seagate is a brand that strives for quality and has created a presence in the market by only producing the BESt in affordable hard-drives and storage.  If you want the best.  Get the Best.  Buy Seagate harddrives.


Why would you want to buy Seagate Portable and external Drives over companies hard drives?


1) Easy Install

2) Easy to Use

3) Great Capacity

4) Reliable Sotrage

5) Turns on and off with the computer it is attached to (saving power)

6) Comes fully equiped with great backup software

7)  Allows saving to specific folders for backup


1) Software backup licence is only good for 1 computer on basic models of Goflex Hard-drives

2) There are ads contained in the softwae for other products.

*There are cons... nothing is perfect, but these cons are far outwieghed by the positive aspects of the harddrive.

Here are some reviews (from Amazon) on the Seagate GoFlex:

"...there's something special about this drive. Something beyond its nice black finish and sturdy design. It's the whole "GoFlex" thing, in the form of a detachable, replaceable interface module at the base (the included one includes a power connector and a USB 2.0 port). They're marketing this as a way of futureproofing: if you upgrade to a computer with USB 3.0 you can upgrade this drive too."

"...Setup was a breeze, simply plug and play. Ease of use is definitely there, nothing different over any other external drive. So far it's been great. Transfer speeds are fast, and it has a fairly small profile given the memory size."

"...1. Something that takes everything and anything saved on my computer and backs it up = CHECK
2. Something that doesn't make the process difficult - even makes it automatic = CHECK
3. Something that takes up very little space - Possibly stands up and slides between= CHECK
4. Something not too fancy, not too expensive - CHECK
5. Something quiet, inconspicuous, reliable, overall good - Definitely CHECK"

So take it from more than just me, the Seagate GoFlex series of Hard drives are fully worth your time to investigate.  It is a great series of harddrives that shall not dissappoint.

SeaGate GoFlex 320Gb,500Gb, 750Gb and 1TB Portable Drive

SeaGate GoFlex 1TB Portable DriveCredit: AmazonCredit: Amazon