When early seafarers built the first cruise ships from woven reed, and began cruising the South Pacific, they quickly learned that the sea could be very unforgiving. Over the years men who went to sea in ships compiled a long list of rules that they would never violate.

Any sailor worth his bell bottoms would never be so presumptuous as to state that he was sailing "to someplace". He would instead say that he was sailing "for someplace". He knew he would only reach his destination if the sea allowed it.

There were certain days of the week that were best spent in port preparing for the voyage and being careful not to mutter something or perform some act that would arouse the suspicions of the spirits of the sea.

"Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor
take warning" has long been a watch phrase for any wise captain.

History has recorded the many disasters of those who would foolishlyMuhammad Ali In His PrimeCredit: http://youtu.be/v0iQ0hCNcao
tempt the sea with statements of bravado such as "Unsinkable". To be
so brash as to challenge the sea in this manner would be like meeting
Muhammad Ali in a dark alley back during the 1960s and calling him a
loud mouth. Not Smart.

Mike Tyson And His Famous Ear Biting AdventureCredit: http://youtu.be/5xMY81jImO4Getting too close to Mike Tyson before he has had lunch is also not wise. Ouch!
Hey! What's for dessert?

It seems that the cruise ship industry has had more than it's fair
share of mishaps. Perhaps the executives and cruise ships captains should review the legends and lore of the sea and make sure not to violate the unwritten codes and wander too far from port thinking that their modern behemoth vessels are up to any curse the sea might bring.

A theme lamented in song by Jim Croce talking about the "Baddest Man In Town", might be a good example of a theme song for modern day cruise ships.

Jim said that "You don't spit in the wind, You don't step on Superman's cape and you don't mess with Lee Roy Brown. The Baddest Man In Town for sailors covers nearly three quarters of the earths surface and when you wander into that vastness you would do well to "not mess around".

Lest you think I exaggerate my claims of the sea's lack of patience with those who wander about carelessly, come with me as we witness in video some of the tragedies that have befallen cruise ships.

(Please note: Some of these videos were made under troubling conditions and the audio volume may vary so you would do well to start each video with your sound lowered and adjust as needed. Thank you.)

World's New Largest Cruise Ship

Before embarking on our journey of mishaps we might watch a video of what the future holds for these unbelievable new cruise ships. They might not contain one of every animal as the famous ark of the bible but it would appear that the owners have attempted to include almost everything else
any landlubber could want.

World Discoverer cruise ship wrecked in 2001
OK. Let's get going. The sound track is damaged in this video but it is such a stark reminder of the frailty of these monster ships that I have included it.

Monster wave

Sometimes the sea wishes only to give warning and allows the seafarers a second chance. You might need your Dramamine pills for this one.

Huge Wave hits cruise ship

Another "gentle" slap given by a sometimes harsh but forgiving sea spirit.

ooooppppsssss boat hits bridge big crash funny
While this mishap really is not funny as the title states what is funny is the cruise ship ad that is included in this clip. If you owned a cruise ship company is this the place you would place your commercials?

Mystery Shipwreck Found in Coos Bay Oregon

Everyone enjoys a good sea tale. While the wreck displayed in this video may not be a cruise ship it could be evidence that sometimes a vengeful sea will hide the evidence of it's retribution.

Cruise Ships Collide Off the Coast of Mexico

With water covering three quarters of the planet's mass creating the worlds largest parking lot, these two cruise ships decided that they wanted the same parking spot. Must be a good fishing hole.

Sea Diamond Evacuation

This video demonstrates the difficulty and confusion of evacuating a ship that has met disaster in relatively shallow water. One can only imagine the terror of a ship sinking in deep water during darkness when help was not so handy.

Cruise ship sinking

You will watch the unbelievable scenes of a ship sinking at sea after the captain and crew have piled their personal belongings into a lifeboat and sailed off leaving the passengers to fend for themselves.

Cruiseliner gets flipped after getting smashed by tsunami - caught on camera

You will be fascinated as you watch this mammoth ship being tossed around like a toy boat by huge waves. There is an ad in this video for Christian singles. It has been said that "There are no atheists in foxholes". One might wonder if  the same is true for sinking cruise ships.

Dramatische Szenen in der Antarktis

I don't know what the title or the audio of this video describes because it is not in English but the scenes leave no doubt about the peril these passengers suddenly found themselves enduring.

Certainly hundreds of cruise ships make safe and pleasurable voyages every year and passengers will plan a second and third trip. Cruise travel has become one of the most popular vacation destinations. But human error, carelessness, brashness or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can quickly spoil the best cruises.

History has recorded the actions of thousands of brave seafarers who made great sacrifices to help those in distress at sea. However the dark side of human actions for some unknown reason is unfortunately displayed all to often as the captains and crews of cruise ships violate the law of the sea and leave their passengers in danger.