Trying to find the correct replacement windows for your home it not always as straightforward as you might think it is going to be. Deciding on windows that look smart, are properly built so that they insulate your home and also are not terribly expensive can be a challenge. Owners of homes with sash windows can find this challenge particularly tricky as they may be very fond of their timber sash windows. However tracking down quality double glazed sash windows is well worth the effort for your future comfort and for the savings you can make.

The problem with single glazing is that it comprises, obviously, only one pane of glass. This means that when cold air strikes the glass it has little difficulty transferring the cold to the air inside the window, which results in the room becoming cooler.

The basis behind double glazing is that you have two panes of glass with a sealed pocket of gas between them. The selected gas has good insulation properties, which means that the cold air has difficulty transferring the cold through the gas and therefore the entire window unit becomes better insulated.

Double glazing can reduce dramatically heat loss from your home. There is no doubt that installing these windows alone will not necessarily solve all of your insulation difficulties. If you are serious about making your entire home better insulated you would have to systematically look at your roof insulation as well as the condition of your walls, floor as well as your windows. However your windows are a good place to start because a lot of heat from the home can be lost here.

In addition to increasing the thermal capacity of your home double glazed window units have the capacity to make your home more secure and also safer. Burglars do not like to meet up with double glazing as it is harder to break in through. For one it is probably set into a more modern frame, which will probably mean the locking system is more modern also. On top of that the glazing itself will be tougher and more difficult to break silently, which is what a burglar wants to do.

For your family also, the fact that the glazing will not break as easily if it is struck accidentally is also a bonus and can help avoid any nasty cuts from broken glass.

Double glazed sash windows used to be difficult to locate and when you did source them, often they were quite unattractive units that would not endear themselves to a homeowner. However, in recent years manufacturers have fine tuned the production process of these windows and not you can get very attractive replacement sash windows that would really enhance the look of any home.